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Miami Beach, Florida

Wading in the surf at Miami Beach, Florida
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What was once a tangled mass of mangroves is today one of the most prime beach destination on earth. Miami Beach is made up of landfill from nearby Biscayne Bay. In fact many islands, Star, Hibiscus, and Palm Islands, most of Normandy Isle, the Sunset Islands and all of those Venetian Islands with the exception of Belle Isle were man made from sand dug out of the bay in the 1920s. Wow – great idea, no?

One other fun fact about Miami Beach is that it wasn’t always an island. In 1925 the Haulover Cut was made which allowed boat traffic from the bay to the Atlantic – just north of famous Bal Harbour.

Crowed Beach - Miami Beach, FloridaMiami Beach is one of the best cities in America to enjoy the beach, because it’s international flavor continues to bring in tourists from all over the world. And don’t forget the Great Outdoors – with Biscayne Bay to its west and the Atlantic Ocean to its east, Miami Beach is one big coastal paradise. Why not tour the city on a jet ski? Home to 92,000 residents, the City of Miami Beach is a thriving global center for the entertainment industry. Film, television, music, fashion, news media, and the performing arts make up the fastest-growing segments of the Miami Beach economy. Today, the South Beach section of Miami Beach is a major entertainment destination with hundreds of nightclubs, restaurants and oceanfront hotels.

The area is popular with both American and international tourists, with German being the third most spoken language after English and Spanish. Following a $1 billion renovation and expansion project, Fontainebleau Miami Beach is a magnificent blend of Miami’s glamorous golden era and stylish, modern luxury. Fronting the Atlantic Ocean, the resort’s most distinguishing features includes an oceanfront poolscape featuring a free-form pool shaped as a re-interpretation of the hotel’s original signature bow-tie design, an interactive children’s waterscape play area including a waterslide, spray canopy, water canons and 18-inch deep wading pool, and 11 restaurants and lounges. The legendary neighborhood of the historic district in Miami Beach is known for its glamour and lavish amenities. The Caribbean Hotel is right in the middle of the beauty and glamour that defines this district.

The rhythm of Miami Beach is high at every hour. If you want to take a break from your life for a while, live a fantastic experience, full of lights, new things and a lot of people, you’re in the right place. The dynamic and international City of Miami Beach is a unique, sophisticated, urban paradise, offering world-class business amenities and cosmopolitan facilities in a laid-back tropical atmosphere. Visitors of the Miami Beach Convention Center reap the benefits when they choose to meet in this city, where combining business with pleasure is as effortless as convening a conference on a waterfront terrace. Located in the southeastern part of Florida, Miami Beach is actually a separate city from Miami even though it is often referred to as Miami. Miami Beach is seven and a half miles long and is separated from the mainland (Miami) by three and a half miles of water (Biscayne Bay).

The Rat Pack once called this place home. But tourism declined, the Rat Pack fled to Vegas, Capone disappeared, and many area hotels fell into disrepair. Ideal for business and leisure travel, Miami Beach FL hotels in the heart of the South Beach cultural area in the vibrant Art Deco district are best, within walking distance to world-class restaurants, art galleries, entertainment and night life. After a long day of work or play, you can retire to your comfortable well-designed guest room with a large well-lit work desk and king or two queen beds. And, instead of rolling up the sidewalks at night, Brickell is thronged after hours with residents and visitors dining in the area’s fine restaurants or shopping in new neighborhood stores. This area is also known as the Millionaire’s row because it attracted the celebrities of the 50’s. From Collins going north, visitors attention will be attracted by the beautiful Miami homes of Pine Tree Drive.

And to the beach, ah, yes…a wide strip that was made by dredging Biscayne Bay. Some spectacular sand at the bottom of the bay. It’s a fact the wide expanse of Miami Beach has been featured in more photos and film than any other beach in the USA. And many TV shows have been created of this fair city. Since it comes from another place you know that it has to be re-nourished. That happens every few years, but you’ll never see it. The semi-fine sand is comfy on the feet and doesn’t heat too much in the summer sun. The beach banks slowly into the Atlantic and is a good family beach, but the surf can be unforgiving to toddlers. The waves can knock them right over so keep a sharp eye on them as they play.

Miami Beach, Florida – Beach Index:

  • One of the biggest man-made beaches on the planet
  • Beautiful and wide and full featured/services
  • Parking by meters and garages off from the beach
  • Sports rentals available
  • Sand is medium fine and fun to walk in
  • Family beach – wide and long and can get a little crowded
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