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Coast Guard Beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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Coast Guard Beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Who knew an old, weathered Coast Guard Station would birth the number 7 beach on Dr. Beach’s list of the top 10 beaches in America for 2010. Yet it did and with good reason. Easy to get to, which means it can get crowded, Coast Guard Beach in Cape Cod is one of those places where two forces of nature meet. You have what looks to be an old glacial cliff and the remaining sand as it fingers its way around to form a beach area.

From the Coast Guard Station you’ll see the view everyone talks about and takes pictures of. You’re looking at the Nauset Spit barrier sand bars and bay. The water is chilly here, even in the summer, because of the way the currents come close to shore.

Coast Guard Beach in Cape Cod, MassachusettsDepending on the hurricane season, the beach can become quite eroded. But with time and a little help it comes back and it’s nice. Normally in spring the beach is still recovering from whatever happened over fall and winter. Summertime brings the beach into full swing and it well worth going to. Dr. Beach knows his stuff, no?

Now one thing Dr. Beach doesn’t mention is how a beach will fair for bugs. We’ve had a few reports of bugs here around dusk so if you’re coming to see a sunset, make sure you bring a little citronella spray.

Parking is a tad on the expensive side, but people say it’s worth it. Plan on spending up to $20 to park and the walk about 5 minutes to the shore. Look for seals in the water here; the kids will love helping spot them.

Beach Index:

– Coarse sand, steep slope
– Lots to do, walk and enjoy nature
– Chilly water in summer
– Facilities

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  • Karen September 7, 2013, 7:51 pm

    I love this beach. Love it love it.

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