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Kalmus Beach, Hyannis, Massachusetts

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Kalmus Beach in Hyannis, Massachusetts just might be a super choice for your summer outing. The beach is neatly divided between wind and kite surfers and the rest of us, but more on that in a minute. What is charming about this place is that the Kennedy family thought it wonderful enough to call it home away from home for many decades.

If you want to see the Kennedy Compound, you won’t be able to from the road. The best way we found is by taking a sightseeing cruise and having it pointed out to you. Find Hyannis Cape Cod sightseeing and book a tour. You have to see it if you’re going to be in the area anyway.

Kalmus Beach, HyannisPart of what brought the Kennedys here are the beaches. Today we’re going to look at just one, although there are a handful in the area. Make sure you also check out Keyes Beach, Veterans Beach, and Sandy Neck Beach, covered here on Three Best Beaches.

Kalmus Beach is well known among windsurfers as the best spot along this area of Nantucket Sound. You’ll find people from all over the globe taking advantage of the winds. But don’t expect much surf. That’s the beauty of the area. It’s protected in such a way that the only waves you’re bound to get are those of the passing ferries to Martha’s Vineyard.

The beach has a separate area for swimming, but you’ll find that those water shoes are a good bet for here since there are a ton of small shells which can hurt the feet. And it’s that fact that makes it ideal for kiteboarders and windsurfers. You see, the shoreline is mainly protected from open ocean, but not prevailing winds.

Because the Seagull area just east juts out into Nantucket Sound, waves, small that they are, come in at a different angle than most places along the coast, so shells somehow wind up right here with the currents. Shelling can be real fun for the family. Start early to get best pickings.

Boats at Kalmus Beach, HyannisFinally, know that parking here at Kalmus will set you back about $15 for the day during the summer. But you’ll get full facilities, with showers and concessions and even sand wheelchairs which is just wonderful. Note that there are only 200 parking spots so this place fills up during any holiday.

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