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Asbury Park Beach, North Jersey, New Jersey

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Still home to the beautiful beaches that first brought its fame as well as a brand new boardwalk, Asbury Park is the perfect place for a visit anytime of year. Last year, the boardwalk had a nearly 70 percent vacancy rate. Now it’s maxed out, Gilmour said. Although located on the boardwalk, you will not find typical “beach art” at this venue. Exhibit A strives to provide innovative and outstanding contemporary art by some of the areas best emerging and established artists. The Beach Bar in the historic Convention Hall anchors one end of the boardwalk and offers sweeping ocean views in a trendy, yet sophisticated space that encourages lounging over a light meal or a sweet cocktail.

Several entrepreneurs have already opened new shops on the boardwalk, taking advantage of rent concessions to move into the old pavilions lining the boardwalk. On the first Saturday of every month, Asbury Park’s downtown art galleries, home design studios, restaurants, antique shops, and clothing boutiques remain open throughout the evening, serving Hors de houvres and offering entertainment, to showcase the city’s residential and commercial resurgence.

Strolling on Beach, Beach Haven, Long Beach Island, New Jersey

It is regarded locally as a boardwalk town, boasting America’s oldest shoreside amusement rides dating back to the 1920’s! This is the coolest people watching area in NJ.

Not sure of any of us realize just how much is going on at the Asbury Park boardwalk these days. They’ve had a ton of renovations – have added about 50 shops and restaurants – and many shops and businesses are open well into the fall and winter. The Asbury Park Boardwalk and surrounding area was once a run down boardwalk that rotted so much you would fall through while talking a walk. You would not dare venture from Ocean Grove to Asbury in fear for your safety.

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