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Island Beach State Park, New Jersey

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Island Beach State Park is located on the Barnegat Peninsula just south of the Seaside Park in Berkeley Township, New Jersey. It is the largest park in the United States, divided into two regions – the northern natural area and southern natural area.

It is the ideal place for nature lovers, where they can enjoy crystal clear waters, beach plums, clean sand, beach foxes, dunes and even sample Berkeley seafood. Here you can explore a wide array of beautiful tree species, including Black cherry, Sweet Bay, Eastern Red Cedar, Persimmon, Serviceberry, and Atlantic White Cedar. Herbaceous plants and grasses would also delight your senses in the nature park.

This is the place where you would feel one with nature. Here are a few activities that Island Beach State Park offers you to enjoy a holiday:

The beach at Island Beach State Park at the Jersey Shore

photo by Daniel Beards

Activities and Attractions


It is the right place for a safe swim. More than one mile of beach is managed for swimming in the middle of the State Park. A number of trained lifeguards are employed to pay attention to all the swimming activities in the area and ensure protection for tourists.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding on the island beach can be a scintillating experience. The park does not supply any horses and that’s why you are permitted to bring your own horse. You have to register five days in advance for this activity.

Driving on the Beach

Island Beach State Park at the Jersey ShoreYou can drive a 4 wheel vehicle on the Island beach in order to be familiar with all the areas of the State Park. If you have an unexpired permit, you can enjoy driving here for a fee of $50 for three days during the summer season. You are also allowed to get annual permits, which are valid for one year. An annual permit costs $195.00.

Surf Fishing

Island Beach State Park offers a lot of fishing opportunities for everyone. It is an area where you can easily see fishermen almost every day. The surf of the Island beach has weakfish, striped bass, bluefish, and many other species, which have drawn anglers to this lively place. A large number of visitors also enjoy fishing activities. Fishermen are permitted to stay in the State Park but they must follow the laws established by the Department.

Other Activities

The Island Beach State Park also offers plenty of other activities for you to enjoy an adventurous holiday here. Bicycle riding, kayaking, scuba diving, surfing are quite common activities here. You can also bring your own dog on the beach. Moreover, beach wheelchairs are also available for the handicapped.

photos by Daniel Beards

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