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Flying Point Beach – Water Mill – Southampton

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Flying Point Beach - Water Mill - Southampton

Come here and prepare to stand on this breezy shore and take in Americana. It’s the focal point of Southampton and a wonderland of sand that carries off into the distance. Yet people are drawn to Flying Point Beach in Water Mill not because it’s the only thing here, but because it is such a gem and the locals know it. Plan on spending a day here, and if you can, grab a bed and breakfast nearby. The bed and breakfast route is amazing almost any time of the year, and especially in the fall. This beach is fun for just about anything, but remember because of the onshore breeze, it can be a challenge for some sports.

This is one of the smallest beaches in the area, but it is nice and worth a visit. The property, owned and operated by the Town of Southampton, is only 250 feet fronting the Atlantic.

Surfers know Flying Point Beach as a great place to catch a few waves as winter approaches. But the surf is kind of flat during the summer. And then you can simply enjoy the beach and people watch.

Because of the location, Flying Point Beach attracts European tourists, celebrities, and the like. Who know who you may see here.

The beach is delightful because in addition to the nice sand and short cliff from the road, we found a very cool food stand that is open during daylight hours. Prices are a little steep, but what you’d expect for food at the beach.

And we love Flying Point Beach because we’re able to strike up a game of beach volleyball. The Town of Southampton provides nice courts. They also have spotless restrooms and showers.

You will have a fun time at Flying Point Beach, but you’ll need a parking permit to park at the beach in the summer months.

Beach Index:

Sand – tan and slightly coarse
Facilities – first class
Sports – volleyball, surfing, suntanning, swimming

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  • Anonymous November 2, 2009, 4:40 pm

    *I love Flying Point. I go there every summer.

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