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Main Beach in East Hampton, New York

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Main Beach in East Hampton, New York

Another beautiful beach in this area of New York is Main Beach in East Hampton. And you’ll find that the locals have built around it in a way that showcases the shoreline. Little environmental impact means you’ll have a long, pristine beach to walk along and surf. Main Beach has been a getaway for wealthy New Yorkers (and others who happen to know the secret) because it is off the beaten path. Because the composition of the sand is quartz, you get some nice dunes in the area along with clean, clear water.

Since Dr. Beach put this lovely beach at number 5 for 2010, you’re bound to see weekend tourists which means if you, too plan to make a trip, know that the beach may be a little crowded then. This is a real clean beach which I think you’ll enjoy and want to come back to. Because of the location, it gets cold here in the winter, but locals say that it is special even then.

Entrance Main Beach in East Hampton, New YorkFireworks are set on Main Beach each year and you can find out when by checking with the city website. Take the camera when you visit because it is as picturesque as a painting here, almost year-round. Wide sand here makes it bigger than most other beaches on Long Island. Lifeguards are on duty, most which are surfers and know this water well.

A nice boardwalk borders the beach and you’ll find full facilities that will be some of the cleanest in the state. Make sure you check out the local Chowder Bowl snack bar which is popular with its menu of hot dogs and french fries.

One word about the parking here. It is by permit only. Permits are free for residents which mean the spaces will be mostly all full in summer. But work your way around and you’ll find that even if you’re a good walk, it will be well worth it. Locals love the area near Ocean Avenue where the sand is super clean and powdery.

Beach Index:

– We warned you about the parking, sorry.
– Can get windy.
– Put down anywhere on the beach, it’s super clean.
– Facilities at all parking entrances.
– Local snack bar.

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