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Virginia Beach and Beach Area

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Virginia Beach is best known as a resort, with miles of beaches and hundreds of hotels, motels, and restaurants along its oceanfront. It is also home to several state parks, several long protected beach areas, three military bases, a number of large corporations, two universities, and historic sites. Virginia Beach is all about its boardwalk and its clean 100-yard-wide beach. Each August, the area’s large surfing community plays host to the annual East Coast Surfing Championship (www.surfecsc.com ), North America’s oldest running surfing competition (the 44th annual event will be Aug.  Virginia Beach is a place to watch with plenty of employment opportunities for the future. Industry within the region of Hampton Roads include manufacturing, military, tourism, high technology and the Port of Virginia, and the region boasts a 54 billion dollar economy.


To get your family vacation planned properly, you should try to plan it as soon as possible.  Nestled amidst the Chesapeake Bay, the Atlantic and the river James, it is one of the most sought after vacation destinations in the country. And in the last few years, Virginia Beach real estate has really surged.  So, how will you be able to take advantage of that all what goes on here and participate in a fishing activity during your vacation? Your first step is to rent a private charter boat.


In Virginia Beach, winter is whale time, when your family can spend a couple of hours on the ocean, with the chance of encountering rare fin and humpback whales on their migration route. Some range up to 85 feet long and weigh 70 tons. If you’re visiting Virginia Beach in Autumn or Winter, you have the opportunity to embark on special chartered cruises for dolphin watching (June through October) and humpback whale watching (December through March).  Whale-watching tours are available during the winter months, and dolphin watching is a favorite activity in the summer.

With 38 miles of shoreline, Virginia Beach is a “Beach Lovers’ Beach,” with 28 miles of public beach area and its popular 3-mile Boardwalk! Virginia’s most popular state park, First Landing State Park, features trails for hiking and biking, camp sites, swimming and rental sports equipment. One of the most famous parks in Virginia Beach is Mount Trashmore Park, which is visible when you travel toward the oceanfront.  The prime question while looking at different beaches to visit in Virginia Beach is how do you locate the perfect one?


Virginia Beach is a night owl’s paradise. You know that somewhere on the beach, there is a fantastic party going on in one of the areas happening hot spots.  Because Virginia Beach is just a hop from Atlanta and skip from New York City, the talent is superior; this Funny Bone is guaranteed to offer an excellent ab workout due to laughter. With shows popping every Wednesday through Sunday night, and a restaurant offering moderately priced food and drinks, the Funny Bone offers a perfect warm up for late weekend nights.  Virginia Beach is known for its resorts and hotels along the oceanfront. It offers cheap and economical hotel rates with comfort in accommodations especially during summer months.

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