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Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia

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Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia

One of your best beach options while in Sydney is Coogee Beach, eight kilometers and only minutes from the central business district. A number of buses shuttle back and forth, so combine shopping and surfing for the perfect sunny Australian day. The nearby city of Ranswick has many restaurants, along with hostels and hotels. Ranswick is also home to the University of South Wales, and the Sydney Football Stadium.

With a wide swath of perfect white sand, Coogee Beach is only one of the many beaches on what’s now commonly referred to as “the Sports Coast”. With ample opportunity for sailing, snorkeling, and horseback riding, there are activities to be found for all. Body boarding is also a popular way to spend time enjoying the beautiful warm water.

Coogee Beach is also famous for its coastal walks. Clearly marked, each of the trails hugs the coastline, and the dramatic scenery provides for stunning pictures. The walks incorporate signs that share some of Coogee’s history. Even more impressive are the shipwrecks strewn along the beach, a testament to the tumultuous oceans habit of tossing ships around.

Nearby Botany Bay National Park offers even more opportunity for experiencing the unique natures scenes particular to this part of Australia. Botany Bay is also steeped in history, as it was one of the first sites visited by Captain James Cook. There is also a significant Aboriginal influence, with much evidence of their way of life before the European colonization.

There are also facilities for large groups of people, including picnic tables and barbecues. Kids will enjoy the playgrounds, with the ocean only steps away when it comes time to cool down. These convenient amenities make entertaining at Coogee Beach a great option for any special occasion.

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