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Lizard Island Beaches, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Even though there may be winds, humidity and the blazing, Australian sun, Lizard Island is one of the must see places on the huge continent lying in Oceania. Remember when you go out, and chat at a bar or with friends, and someone mentions they’ve been to such-and-such a place? And they mention Lizard Island, and you go like – WHAT!!?? I’ve been there, too!

And everyone else in the group listens with great interest. Well, this is ONE of those unique places and we’re happy to give it some space here on Three Best Beaches dot Com.

Lizard Island, Queensland

It’s not cheap. We found it kind of expensive to get here and to enjoy. Still, the food is great, the beaches relaxing and the atmosphere to die for. A slice of heaven on earth.
The reef is breathtaking – so plan to dive or at least snorkel here. You can see much of it just walking along the beach in some areas. But plan to take a dip. You will not regret the effort. Make sure you ask about the Cod Hole dive site. It’s a local favorite.You can get here from Cairns. Small planes will take you out, so if you’re afraid of those puddle jumpers, beware. But it’s worth the short time of uncomfortable.

The beaches are so pristine, we just thought of the Maldives or Seychelles. Sand that hasn’t been messed with in millennia. And it’s quiet here but you won’t want to invest time in reading a book in your beach chair. This is so special you’ll want to explore the whole island. We don’t blame you.

Lizard Island Beach and BoatCheck out the various accommodations and know that you will be pampered beyond your wildest expectation. The location of the resorts and the decor, the weather, location of Lizard Island…it all lines up to the best holiday you will have spent in a long, long time – possibly forever.

And you’ll have something to talk about at those friend encounters the next time – with an “yep – I’ve been there, too!”

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