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Noosa Heads Beaches Australia

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Noosa Heads is the tourist heart of Noosa district, with many restaurants and hotels. The main street is Hastings Street, which lies directly behind the seashore. The Sunshine Coast is where Australians flock for their holidays to take in the stunning beaches and atmosphere of the area, and Noosa Heads is the capital of this coast. Noosa has managed to avoid the high-rise developments that have taken over the Gold Coast, a rule has been made that no building can be higher than a palm tree, and the town has a sense of exclusivity about it. The permament resident population of Noosa heads is approximately 10 000 with the regions permanent population approximately 35 000. Tourism is the foundation of the local economy with over 250 000 holiday makers each year.

Q09-Kite surfing at Noosa Heads

Well Noosa Heads is that place in surfing for me. It has been seen in surf movies, magazines since the late 70’s, so it has had time to change and develop over the years. The town of Noosa Heads is 160 kms north of Brisbane, 1100 kms north of Sydney and 20 kms east of the Bruce Highway. Noosa Heads is 160 kms north of Brisbane, 1100 kms north of Sydney and 20 kms east of the Bruce Highway. Noosa’s Main Beach is one of the few beaches along Australia’s coastline that faces north.

Noosa Heads

One of the park’s more isolated inland walks, this track meanders through rainforest, open eucalypt woodlands and closed woodlands to northern Alexandria Bay. Return to the day-use area on the Coastal track. People buy into the Noosa area primarily because of its natural beauty, the protected north facing main beach looking across Laguna bay, the Noosa National Park which separates Noosa from Sunshine Beach. The Park offers kilometers of walking trails the main one hugging the coast leads to secluded beaches like Ti Tree. Noosa Heads, located 178 km north of Brisbane, and with a present population of around 10 000, was originally a sleepy little village beside the sea, known only to a few anglers and beachcombers.

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Noosaville is a family-style resort town, located 5km north. Parks surround the Noosa River, which is filled with pelicans, dinghies, catamarans and houseboats. Fraser Island, just north of the Sunshine Coast, is the world’s largest sand island, over 70 miles long and average 10 miles wide. Located a comfortable one hour”s drive North of Brisbane, the region boasts home to many spectacular marine and bird species that inhabit the coastal waters and foreshores. Many locations along the rivers edge have cultural significance and were used by the aboriginal people for ceremony and were sites of the first Timber Mills in the region.

Located a short stroll from Noosa Beach, the Noosa Hill Resort is a favourite holiday spot for tourists from Australia and overseas alike. Around the corner from the best beach in Noosa, Sunshine beach, and the national park. I couldn’t have asked for more! That unpretentiousness grows more distinct as soon as you leave the beach, which has full public access. And the farther behind you leave the ocean, the more the trip approaches a journey into a different place, where resorts give way to communes, and high-end boutiques are replaced by organic cheese shops.

We had a fabulous, unobstructed view of the ocean from our large shaded deck, and easy beach access through a public walkway on the front street. You can visit the national park and find a nudist beach from Alexandria Bay at the end of one track. Only real nightclubs are The Rolling Rock in the middle of the Hastings street and The Villa in Noosaville, but if you are backpacking, you might want to see Koala Bars weekend parties. The beach is patrolled. The beach is not patrolled and swimming is not recommended.

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