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Whitehaven Beach Australia

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The fastest tour around the Whitsunday Islands includes exploring Whitehaven Beach, snorkelling pristine reefs and tropical island guided walks. The focus of Ocean Rafting is on adventure, participation, education, and the natural environment. Most overnight vessels in the Whitsundays include Whitehaven Beach if possible during their voyages around the islands. Try polishing your jewelry in the sand while you laze on the beach ! Details at www.hamiltonisland.com.au. If you are staying on the islands you will probably fly directly to Hamilton Island, however the flights can be expensive and there are not very many. It is around 30 minutes from Airlie Beach and is basically one room and there is generally only ever one airplane at the airport at any one time. Tropical North Queensland boasts hundreds of kilometres of stunning mainland beaches, and goodness knows how many kilometres of pristine sand on the 900 islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

Whitehaven Beach - Jon Joe Ben Jeremy - from James

Visit us and explore them all during your holidays in Australia. Located on the South eastern side of Whitsunday Island accessible by sailing to the west of Esk Island if heading from the north or through Solway Passage if sailing up from the south. If coming through Solway Passage, be sure to sail well north of the reef at the southern end of Whitehaven before turning to port.

Amanda and I on Whitehaven beach

This can be accessed by boat, either on private charter (bareboating) or on one of the backpacker sailing yachts who sometimes stop in. The second is that if you stay on Hook (and on some other islands) you may hear bleating in the forest. This is an area I’d wanted to sail since first reading of its beauty and of the bareboat charter boats for hire. One problem – I can sail a small skiff around Sydney harbour reasonably well, but lack the experience to handle a big cruising yacht in an area with tricky tidal currents, narrow passes and treacherous reefs. The Coastal46 was purpose built and designed in Australia to meet all the unique requirement of the novice or experienced bareboat charterer.

Visit the fantastic ‘Living Reef’ Coral Lagoons filled with colourful coral, fish life, stingrays and sharks. Relax by the pool, take a swim, stroll along Sunlover Bay or see wallabies and endless bird-life on the rainforest walk. A lot of the fish cluster in the shallows when dinghies arrive, and you don’t even have to go in the water to photograph them. While perhaps not as clear as the outer reef, Blue Pearl Bay really is a wonderful spot. You may be lucky enough to see friendly catfish and long neck turtles!

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia

Whitehaven beach faces east towards the open sea, making some boat journeys there very choppy. Some of the boat packages on offer for first time visitors can have the feeling of a troop march for one camera shoot place to the next, so if doing daytripping, choose your boat company wisely.

When its 40 degrees in Melbourne during Summer, we have a beautiful 30 degree day (30 degrees is about the average temperature for Summer), without the over bearing humidity you find further north. When winter comes around and the heaters and woolly jumpers come out down south, Airlie Beach is enjoying PERFECT winters days, with an average winter temperature of approximately 23 degrees.

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