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Ibiza, Spain – The Clubbing Beach

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Girls at a party, Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza (ee-bee-thah) Baleares, Spain, once practically unknown, now sometimes called the world’s party capital. If it’s nightlife you crave, Ibiza, Spain is the right place. They claim the best clubs and DJ’s in the world and what may be more believable, the best cosmopolitan mix of “clubbers” and holiday makers on the planet. They have soon pretty fantastic wines, as well, but that’s another story. Let’s first take a look at how in the world Spain became synonymous with Party Capital of the World. To do this, we simply have to look back a mere generation. Times were freer, simpler, more open and less worry. And I suppose that’s what we try to reinvent with party life, no?

In the 1950’s, it was Europe’s most favored destination by the flower children. Today, you’ll find Ibiza crowded by the middle-class “tour package” foreigners, mostly from England, Germany, France, and Scandinavia. And just note that it’s become a major mecca for gay travelers as well.

But don’t let any of that keep you from visiting this Iberian paradise. This is one destination that you either do when you are young, or when you are young at heart. Sure, there are the typical tourist destinations for the older generation – the wonderful Spanish restaurants with regional food that will have you smiling for days. However Ibiza is structured for pleasure – mainly because the economy is to benefit. Well, actually, only because the economy benefits! If it weren’t for the money that tourists bring in, these children of flower children would simply find another coast and another place to hang their disco ball. And yet, it all seems to gel here in Ibiza. We found people coming down to the beach area clubs straight from coming off a ferry or flight. No time to spare. Party is in the air.

Waterfront Ibiza, SpainBut stars, celebrities and models show up here as well. Seen as the “Summer Party Capital“, Ibiza, Spain is set in one of the most picturesque places in the world.

So here’s what you need to do first of all upon arrival; go see the sunset. On this Spanish Isle it is awesome! Make sure you take photos and take a friend. Enjoy a drink while you decide whether to sleep or to stay up all night partying. Remember, travel-lag may catch up with you. We suggest taking it easy on your first day.

This is a great choice for a winter vacation, but take care in July and August when temperatures can be hot.

The party begins late afternoon, but really kicks into gear around 10 PM. Most party-goers have no problem sleeping all day in their hotel rooms.

Party girls in Ibiza, SpainYou’ll find most breakfast areas at the hotels pretty calm and the selection is fantastic so make sure you plan at day at the beaches, one sight-seeing night, and the breakfast the next day. Then, sleep a bit during the afternoon and stay up all-night for the craziness.

Great! But what happens the rest of the year? Partying! We’re sure you want to see what Ibiza is now most famous for; so let’s check out the Clubs!Next! >>

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