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Best Beach in Argentina – Mar del Plata

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For a country with a coast as big as Argentina, you know there must be a killer beach somewhere in the mix. There are a wide range of beaches, some near bigger cities and some in desolate parts of the coast. If you’re a beach-gower and visit Argentina, you will want to make time to go visit Mar del Plata.

Mar del Plata, which translated means Sea of Silver, is an old town established in 1847. This makes it the oldest beach community in the country and it hasn’t lost its charm over the years.

Mar del Plata, ArgentinaThe countryside here looks like Italy; rolling hills that take you dreamingly down to the seaside. When you get there, you’ll see the gentle sand caressing the waterline as it’s done for centuries, all 10 miles of it.

Best months here are during the Southern Hemisphere summer, January – March, when Mar del Plata is busy. If you like quieter months, but maybe a little cooler, try August through September. It can snow here in the winter.

Mar del Plata, ArgentinaOne of the easiest ways to get to Mar del Plata is to take a bus (Retiro) from Buenos Aires. It’s about a 5 hour trip in a very nice bus with comfortable seats. If you want to bypass the craziness of the big city, get the shuttle from the International Airport (EZE) and ride it out.  And once there, you can visit the beach, or walk around town. Everything is accessible by foot.

After January 1, the town gets crowded, but that gives it a lot of life and activities almost round the clock. Everything is open and you will see a lot of families with kids, but couples and singles as well. And there is a good deal to do there, shopping, dining, gambling, entertainment, sports, tours, museums, and let’s not forget the beaches!

Many of the areas along the beach at Mar del Plata have dues where you pay a daily fee to get a cabana, table and chairs. You can get service right on the beach, and these areas are probably a bit more secure than the public areas.

Mar del Plata, Argentina
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  • Chris November 24, 2010, 1:44 pm

    How much I would like to be in Argentina now as the days are short and getting cold here and I love it warm! Beautiful photos. I would enjoy to run along the beaches.

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