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Angra dos Reis near Rio de Janeiro Brazil

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A destination for both leisure and business, Blue Tree Park Angra Dos Reis is nestled in totally exclusive surroundings, and it is uniquely served by the region’s natural attractions, conveniences and services. Surrounded by the rainforest, the tropical rainforest, it enjoys the benefits of a charming strip of beach and clear, calm waters that remain ideal for nautical activities. While the town of Angra dos Reis is not particularly attractive itself, there’s numerous luxury hotels on the beaches nearby. Angra dos Reis is quite a glitzy area, busy during the peak tourism season, and popular with Brazilians who enjoy yachting. Just ten minutes of Angra dos Reis is the Arcobaleno Inn, which provides private and comfy accommodations right on the beach of Retiro. Enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility of wide-open spaces and the surrounding tropical forest.

Praia de Lopes Mendes - Ilha Grande

Praia de Lopes Mendes – Ilha Grande –
The beach is1,000 m long, with clear green lukewarm water, fine white sand. Paraty’s bay also encloses dozens of islands, beaches and abundant vegetation. You’ll have time to enjoy four beaches and a natural swimming pool – Caixa d’agua – Along the way, you will enjoy guided treks and pass through beautiful, natural mountain forests and glades.

Pedras da Praia de Lopes Mendes - Ilha Grande

The island, surrounded by 106 beaches, and bearing mountains and incredible waterfalls, is a perfect place for trekking and camping. Boat trips around the bay are available, some with a stop for lunch at beautiful islands. The most famous beach is Lopes Mendes, the first one on the south extreme facing the open sea. Good for sports like surfing and windsurfing. This bungalow beach resort was designed to afford the highest standard of comfort to its clients with a fantastic view over the sea. It is perfect for beach vacation.

Angra dos Reis 02

The resort offers guests an exclusive cable car that takes them from the hotel to the beach or the marina. At the marina, you can rent a boat and visit marvelous islands such as Ilha Grande and Ilha da Gipoya, among others. With their own private beach, guests are able to reach some of the most stunning sites in the bay. The location and construction of the home were carefully planned to give guests 270-degree views of the ocean; on one side is a quiet knoll, and on the other the panoramic expanse of Angra dos Reis Bay.

2003-08-12 Hotel do Frade - Frade Cat (72)

If you don’t like hiking, take along a boat to the beach. There are only two cars on the island, and both belong to the police. Angra is where some of the most luxurious villas and the most beautiful beaches in the South American continent are found, both on the many private islands that scatter the Bay of Ilha Grande and on the mainland. It is the glamorous playground of the Brazilian elite. A private beach with crystal clear and calm waters just for you. Surrounded by the Ilha Grande State Park and wildlife, Ilha Grande Inn or Casas de Recifes is a great alternative to learn about the tropical nature and to relax far (but yet close) from the daily life of the cities.

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