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Buzios Beaches Near Rio de Janeiro Brazil

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Buzios is a wonderful playland for travelers who love the beach and beach towns. However, I think of it more as their Key West, Florida with out Duval street and the 24/7 loud music, etc. Buzios is a great place to go for nightlife. There are tons of bars, clubs, and restaurants that stay open well into the early morning hours. With a pleasant average temperature (79F) and its relative closeness to Rio, Buzios is an ideal place to relax for a couple of days after visiting Brazil’s famous, chaotic and busy metropolis. If you miss this place, that’s OK. We’d like to keep the very best beaches for us! All kidding aside – this place is a mess around Carnaval, Christmas, and New Years. In fact, for New Years 2009, residents say they have never seen the town more crowded.

The distance between the city of Rio de Janeiro and Buzios is approximately 110 miles. The population of Buzios is a little over 108 thousand people. Buzios is 9km peninsula with 23 beaches and hundred bars. A Brazilian paradise where fishermen share the sea with cruiseships. Buzios is a peninsula about 2 hours drive north of Rio; with small coves and beaches at every turn. The beaches are beautiful, aquatic sports abound and the nightlife and restaurants are excellent. Armacao de Buzios village is a few minutes away from the golf course and offers a good choice of boarding houses and hotels as well as an intense nightlife with very good night clubs, restaurants and bars. The beaches and blue sea are considered as the best in the country.

Azeda - esquerda

There are many reasons why Buzios is relevant as a location to be enjoyed as an investor, resident, or visitor. Hopefully, after visiting this page you will have a sense some of these reasons. Buzios is located 2 hours northeast of Rio, on a peninsula. Our home sits on 1500 sq meters of land (a little over a third of an acre) – when we purchased the property, the house was incomplete, and we spent three years renovating and finishing the property. As “Insight Guides Brazil” wrote: “What is amazing about Buzios is that it is one of only a handful of super-hyped destinations that does not delude or disappoint. It is not just as good as the posters, it is even better.

Praia de Joao Fernandes

Authentic Brazilian restaurants are just the beginning of the South American cuisine experience. American, Asian, Mexican and French restaurants are widely available in the center of town, on the Rua de Pedras. Around the plaza and down Rua Manuel Turubio de Farias, which runs parallel to Rua das Pedras, you will find more of the same Internet centers, restaurants, boutiques, and bars that have attracted tourists for years.

Praia Joao Fernandes

It can be accessed via “aqua-taxi” or walking through a small track, both from Ossos Beach. The Manguinhos beach has calm, soothing waves which allows for many to learn to sail and windsurf. The next beach over, The Geriba Beach, is a long stretch of land and water, filled with surfers, boogie-boarders and wind-surfers. There are many windsurf schools at the various beaches where one can rent equipment.

Taxi - Chegada na Praia dos Ossos

You can get these little water taxis, and it’s so much fun, and most of the time quicker than walking. If you have a car, you’ll soon notice most of the streets in the city square are one way. Not good if you’re trying to get somewhere within a decent amount of time. But remember, you’re in Brazil – this is the land of less stress – and even more, you’re in Buzios – one of the most stress-free places on the globe. Well, at least we’d like to think so. If you need particular information about this area, hotels, posadas, real estate (I’m not a broker, but I know the in’s-and-outs of this area) – contact me. This place is beautiful and is recommended in my top 10 beaches of the world to see. Except here… well, there are more than 20. Sounds like you’ll need to book a week. At least.

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  • Kirsten January 18, 2009, 5:20 pm

    Hello Dave,

    I read what you had to say about buzios, and was wondering if you could give me some recomendations.
    I am planning on getting married in Brazil, and was thinking about the Buzios area.
    What time year is best??
    I would like to find a small secluded beach cove with a local resteraunt, as to get married on the beach and have dinner afterwards. Do you have any suggestions??

    Any and all information is much appreciated 🙂

    Thank you very much


  • Dave Jackson January 19, 2009, 11:10 am

    Hi Kirsten,

    Thanks for the nice comments! OK, the seasons are reversed down in Southern Brazil, so during our summer, Buzios can get a little cool at night. Buzios is overloaded during every major holiday, with Carnaval being the most packed. Any other time would be fantastic. One semi-secluded beach that everyone overlooks on their way to Praia Azeda is Ossos. That is the only beach which is romantic and small, yet close enough to restaurants that you could easily walk. Here’s the review I did on Praia dos Ossos, and the page also has local weather. Let me know if you need any further information.

    Kind regards,
    Dave Jackson
    Three Best Beaches

  • Luciana Mccadden May 27, 2010, 6:14 pm

    I love Buzios has beautiful beaches, and a wonderful city with great people many tourists, and a very quiet town.
    Great place to relax, have fun with family, friends and dating, the climate and the beauty of the place so great for romatica love. Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Buzios and Saquarema, beautiful places.

    Luciana Mccadden.

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