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Olho de Boi – Bullseye Beach Buzios

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Olho de Boi Beach Buzios

Some of the best vistas off of the Buzios peninsula are on the eastern shore and there are mainly rocky shorelines with mountains sloping into the sea. There is only a couple of beaches and these are hard to get to. We visited Brava, with the heavy surf; a beach facing northeast and open to the ocean. There aren’t many residences on this side of the peninsula either, and that’s because of the terrain as well. One beach that gets some curious visitors is Olho de Boi. If you go there, make sure you know that this beach is also a clothing optional beach.

You won’t find any pousadas or Buzios hotels in this area of the peninsula, but what an interesting name for the beach that has been officially designated as Buzios nude beach. And what makes it perfect for sunning au naturale is the fact that you can’t drive to it, and it’s far enough away from the road or nearby Praia Brava Beach that you can’t see what goes on there.

Not that anything crazy does.

Olho de Boi Seed BuziosOlho de Boi is literally translated the Eye of the Bull. An “olho de boi” is also the name Brazilians give a seed frequently found on this beach. The seed is red, and very hard.

Like we said, Olho de Boi Beach isn’t the easiest beach to get to. And if your going, make sure you know what you’re getting in to. Once you start down the trail to the beach, it’s a long way back up. But don’t let the natural state of the other sunbathers keep you from enjoying one of Buzios’ best.

Olho de Boi Beach BuziosThe beach is ideal, surrounded by rock outcroppings on both sides. The sandy shore, which is made up of some of the whitest sand around Buzios, slopes gradually making the water shimmer with a beautiful hue. The water is clear here. There is now a kiosk that sells drinks and light snacks.

Late afternoon the surf can kick up and cause some dangerous situations if you swim near the rocks. You’ll be greeted with a nice day of peace and quiet and an awesome almost easterly view. Sunrises here are spectacular.

To get to Olho de Boi Beach, go to Praia Brava Beach first. From Brava, just ask. Locals will point you to the trail that leads up and over the crest that separates Olho de Boi Beach from the rest of the world.

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