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Praia Brava – Brava Beach Buzios

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Praia Brava Beach, Buzios

The name says it all. The beach with the heaviest surf bears the name of “angry” in Portuguese. Brava, like many of the beaches around Buzios, has a history. This can be a good beach to swim and surf depending on the Atlantic. Most of the time you will find this beach in Buzios to be almost empty because it is a little harder to get to and the waves are almost always heavy. Care should be taken along the rocks in the area. You can catch fishermen here in the morning casting off the rocks and pulling in some nice lunch.

Three quarters of the world’s transport of slaves from Africa were destined to work the fields and farmland of Brazil. And in 1743, according to the history books, Portuguese Captain Dionisio ran aground in the bay of Praia Brava with a shipload full of slaves.

Praia Brava Beach, BuziosWith the waves heavy upon the ship, since Brava faces open ocean, it’s reported that the crew prayed to Patron Saint Anne, and a miracle occurred.

The ship slowly came off the rocks and the crew was able to sail it to the Praia da Armacao where everyone was spared.

Okay, so the sea here is tough. But it’s beautiful, too.

When you get to Praia Brava beach, you’ll notice a group of residences on the main road coming in, and then one house on the hill that separates the two beaches that make up the bay.

Lookout (mirante) from Praia Brava, Buzios

Not much development in the area, and thanks to the conservation plan of the City of Buzios, you won’t see anything going up here.

There are great pousadas nearby, just to the west. But you’ll need a car or scooter to get to Brava. Since it’s slightly remote, bring some snacks and a good book. The atmosphere is enchanting!

During our visit, we saw a few fishermen and sunbathers. The sea wasn’t that rough at mid-morning. But don’t let that fool you. The shoreline slopes fairly quickly down making Praia Brava’s waters the coolest of Buzios.

This is one beach that will have fewer people than most because it’s not on the populated side of Buzios, the sea is rougher, the water colder, but hey… it’s the same warm sun and soft sand. Enjoy.

Praia Brava, Buzios Rio de Janeiro
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