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Praia da Azeda – Azeda Beach Buzios

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Praia da Azeda Beach Buzios

A small sign pointed right. Praia da Azeda/Azedinha. Two of the most spectacular beaches in South America. To find them in the small fishing village of Búzios, we took the fold-up map, generously offered by another tourist who had a few, and parked the rental car at a plaza a hundred feet from another spectacle, Praia dos Ossos, or Ossos (literally, “bones”) Beach.

Imaging turning around and shooting the picture at the top. That’s what we did with a simple Canon A95. It is breathtaking in so many ways, and when you look at it, you know you’re in Brazil. The water is inviting; you can almost hear the surf, and you watch for that Girl from Ipanema to see if she’s visiting Buzios today.

The walk to Praia Azeda and Azedinha, BuziosThe sign was right, but we couldn’t see the beach from the road, blocked to allow only residents vehicle access. So, we asked where these magical beaches were.

“Keep on the road that runs in front of Praia dos Ossos.”

The road will take you past Ossos, up a small hill and to a fork – but keep left, along the shoreline. Another hundred feet and you will see a sign that describes the two beaches, along with rough granite stone stairs leading from the road, under a few trees (that come in handy for balance), and down to the sea.

Walking down to Praia da AzedaIt reminded me of the way you get down to Hanauma Bay on Oahu, Hawaii. But the descent isn’t that far, so the reward comes much sooner.

What strikes you first? Probably the water. Then the beach, a small crescent bordered by rock on both sides with a rustic building which probably housed some port authority over 100 years ago. It blends perfectly with the surroundings.

The wave action. Just enough to hear a little surf, but calm, making Azeda a perfect family beach. And, since you have to walk here, there should be plenty of room with the exception during high season – where you’ll have to start early.

Since the waves are practically non existent on this side of the island, the water is incredibly clear. Snorkeling is good around the rock boarders, with plenty of marine life, but not much coral.

Praia da Azeda, BuziosExpect full sun; plan accordingly. Beach vendors along Azeda sell everything from small trinkets to those beautiful Brazilian sarongs.

We saw a few people selling hammocks, too. For food, you’ll see green corn, pizza, to the latest craze, cheese on a stick. Drinks are available, too. Just know that since there are no facilities at this beach, washing is by soap and sea water.

Praia da Azeda and Azedinha in Distance, BuziosAzeda beach is a gem. Enjoy this beach while you are in Búzios and catch a sunset here as well.

Azeda is very highly recommended from all guides – online and offline, like Frommers, Fodors, and Guia Quartro Rodas, and we give it our highest recommendation as well.

However, we didn’t stop and swim at Azeda. We made our way to our next beach – which many call the best of Búzios. Next >>

Praia da Azeda – Beach Index

  • Sand – beautiful light gold, medium grain made from a touch of shell/coral and rock. Very little silt. Sandy bottom, a few rocks.
  • Facilities – none. Local building is not accessible.
  • Shade – beach faces west, so shaded in the morning from trees and cliffs. Beautiful sunsets.
  • Sports – none for rental. Excellent snorkel and dive site.
  • Notes – recommended. A must see; take your camera. An ecological protected preserve. Some people topless at times. Can also catch water-taxis from any other Búzios beach. Crowded from December to March.
Azedinha and Azeda Beaches in Buzios
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