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Praia da Azedinha – Azedinha Beach Buzios

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Praia da Azedinha

You don’t just stumble onto something like this, unless you’re in Buzios. We had no idea what “pretty beach” meant until we actually took the trek down the rock trail to this spectacular shore that faces almost due west. These beaches were known in the ’70’s as hangouts for hippies, and Rio is home to many an old hippie. But those days are gone and yet there is an air of peace and love about this beach that we didn’t find anywhere else. Perhaps the hippies knew something we didn’t.

Imagine walking down a stone trail. Branches of yellow poui trees shade you as you walk past one breathtaking beach, to the best beach this part of the country has to offer.

This is Azedinha Beach in Búzios, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Praia da Azedinha Beach, Buzios BrazilYes, it’s small, but most prefer it that way. The right amount of sand, rock, sun, shade – God’s handiwork humbling man’s best. Unbelievably clear water, sandy bottom until around 10 feet. None of the row upon row of umbrellas blocking your view.

And, what a view! Because of the rock formation and the nearby cliffs and hills on the horizon, you immediately have a feeling of protection, of your own, personal beach. Rock formations right on the beach make it perfect for changing, putting on shoes, setting up your little spot to enjoy this piece of paradise.

Because of the slope of the sandy bottom, Azedinha is a warm beach, but not hot. Gentle waves provide three important things. They provide a good flow of water through the area. They bring just the right amount of sand up to the beach from the bottom. And, they keep the water temperature pleasant.

Quasi-natural pool, Azedinha Beach, BuziosBut God didn’t do everything. As if to invite man to participate in this natural wonder, a rock cropping runs perfectly into the water from the beach. Long ago, in response, men closed off the sea side of the ridge creating a perfect pool – calm and refreshing, as wave water flows through the cracks. The sun heats the water and because of the rock bottom, the temperature is at least 10 degrees higher than the ocean. Soothing? Romantic? Perfect.

Praia da Azedinha’s pool-like nature makes it top choice for families with small kids. There are no drop-offs, or sea anemones to step on. And the fact that you have to walk a half-mile to get here keeps the not-so-serious beach goers enjoying the easy-access popular spots.

Azedinha and Azeda Beaches in Buzios

Getting here is a fun adventure in itself. Check out sister beach Praia da Azeda for directions. You descend a path off a cobblestone road. Down twelve granite steps and along the rock path you’re at Azeda Beach. Now, just past Azeda, along a rock trail overlooking crystal, clear water, you come to Azedinha (on the left).

Ipe Brasileiro, BuziosAzedinha Beach is a must see. As always, pictures don’t do it justice. Take a towel, wear your bikini/bathing suit, and bring your camera. And leave your stress behind.

Well, next – a cove that looks like a horseshoe is the most sophisticated in all of Buzios. And wait till you see its twin sister! Coming up! >>

Beach Index:

  • Sand – medium grain, soft from local rock, no shell
  • Facilities – none. Must go back to Praia dos Ossos commercial area.
  • Shade – perfect mix of shade and sun by local trees and rock cliffs.
  • Sports – great snorkeling, little coral but good variety of marine life, great diving.
  • Notes – crowded during New Years, Carnaval, and Easter weekend. Local water taxis service the beach. Drinks available from local vendors.
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