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Praia da Ferradura – Ferradura Beach Buzios

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Praia da Ferradura, Buzios

This is the beach we were told had more celebrities than any other in Buzios, but who knows. We considered the source and still had a good time taking in the rays and a few shots of the surrounds of Praia da Ferradura. This is the beach where MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel taped the 13th season in a house overlooking this beach. As interesting as that is, it was even crazier to find out that we knew the owners. They told us you can see whales off the coast here between October and January. That is special. And the beach is special, too.

When you’re planning a trip to Búzios, one beach that catches your eye is Ferradura. It seems to have the symmetry of Copacabana but the charm of a small cove. And both are true. From any angle, Ferradura is appealing.

Praia da Ferradura from the airFerradura is a natural basin; the land sloping gradually upward to the nearby hills. There are no cliffs behind the beach, but at both ends, where spectacular mansions dot the hillside.

Named because of its horseshoe shape, Praia da Ferradura, or Horseshoe Beach, is mostly calm and clear. Many travel guides and sites list the beach as a great place to snorkel. But be advised that snorkeling is good only at the beach ends where rock croppings begin. Good marine variety can be seen around the southeast end of Ferradura.

Kayaking on Ferradura Bay, Buzios

Praia da Ferradura is classy. Some of Búzios most weathly homes are located here. Because of the calm water and gentle wind, light sailing, kayaking and swimming are very popular.

There are a number of kiosks located on the north shore of the beach. Parking is available there for a small fee, but remember, the whole beach is public. Feel free to stroll around and bring a camera.

Ferradura is thin on its west coast, especially at high tide. Still, there’s nothing that can replace a closed bay with high cliffs at the entrance, gentle waves and that full, warm Brazilian sun – and no place better than here in Búzios. And did we mention that you can catch the whales passing by here from September through December?

Playing on the beach, Ferradura, BuziosDid you notice all of our pictures have very few clouds? The weather is nice here, too – dry and warm.

When God creates something this beautiful we generally think He’s done. But Ferradura has a gorgious baby – Ferradurinha. Smaller, but full of even more painted rock, golden sand and high cliffs. And, we’re off to visit it … Next >>

Praia da Ferradura – Beach Index:

  • Sand – medium grain, no coral or shell.
  • Facilities – at the kiosks along the north shore. Food, snorkel rental, water sports.
  • Shade – some umbrellas in spots for local food, as long as you order something – enjoy the umbrella. Most of the beach is lined with private homes, so no umbrellas in those areas. Entire west side is shaded mid afternoon.
  • Notes – best beach for a peaceful afternoon not too far from the action. Crowded Christmas through Carnaval.
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