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Praia de Geriba – Geriba Beach Buzios

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If someone asked where all the beach action takes place in Búzios, you’d have to tell them “Geribá“. Geribá sits on the south side of the Búzios peninsula as it projects eastward into the Atlantic. Because of its wide-open face to the southeast, Geribá Beach has the best surf in Búzios.  Fishing isn’t bad just a little offshore. And we’ve seen a bunch of windsurf enthusiasts here a well.

One would think that this place would be crowded year round – but it only packs out on New Years, Christmas and Easter. The rest of the season, it’s all yours! But before you pack the quality wooden beach umbrellas and head across town, know that Geribá also has a softer side. Read Praia de Geriba in Portuguese.

Praia de Geriba, Buzios, Brazil

Our rental happened to be right here in front of the Futevolei court and next to the huge bar on the beach. Can’t put a price tag on the view and it was simply wonderful to wake up to this each day while in Buzios.

First, let’s look at the surf.

Breakfast on Geriba Beach, BuziosIf you’re coming to Búzios, and like the sound of the surf – all through the night – your best bet is to rent a house on Geribá Beach.

Just remember that high season is December through Easter, but any other time you can find a beachfront home and rent it with full maid service for $200.00 a day. We’re talking out the front door onto the sand situation here.

Windsurfing Geriba Beach BuziosAnd you better believe renters and local residents take advantage of Geribá Beach.

Each day they’re out jogging, swimming, surfing, playing soccer, or even Futevôlei (footvolley). Locals will tell you this is the off-season hangout of Brazilian soccer stars Ronaldinho Gaúcho (currently rated best in the world), and legendary Romário.

Food vendor on Geriba Beach, BuziosIn addition, most of the Brazilian celebrities call this beach home when on vacation from Rio, from Milton Nascimento to Fafá de Belém, and all of the soap opera stars.

So, the action happens here. Why?

First, the beach itself. Geribá is the widest beach in Búzios, and, one of the longest. There’s enough room to have sports (soccer, volley, etc) and plant a few umbrellas as well. Secondly, in the center there is constant large surf – good enough for short boarders to go 10 – 15 seconds, and nice enough for the long boarder to glide all the way into the the shallows.

Because Geribá Beach has no rock bottom, it’s ideal for learning all water sports, including board surfing, windsurfing and boogie boarding. You’ll see an occasional kite surfer here, too – although conditions are better at Manguinhos Beach (little wave action), the wind at Geribá Beach is constant.

View from the mountain above Geriba Beach BuziosFinally, the location – Geribá is located along the thinnest part of the peninsula. It has easy access and plenty of commerce close by. The neighborhood is well organized with cobblestone streets running throughout.

The softer side of Geribá lies to the east. Called the “Canto de Geribá“, this area has shallow, warm water with gentle waves. It is lined with homes and pousadas like the rest of Geribá Beach, but there are no life guards on this end. The reasoning here is that most of the concern is at the mid-point and western ends of the beach where heavy wave action prevail.

So, Geribá Beach is ideal for almost every situation, every sport. It can be exciting and fun, but downright relaxing as well.

And if you’re not the type for company, we have just the ticket. Búzios has a town center beach for you. See why we call our next choice “the relaxing beach.” Next >>

Child model Geriba Beach, Buzios, BrazilPraia de Geribá – Beach Index:

  • Sand – medium grain, from rock – no shell or coral. Beach is groomed daily.
  • Facilities – along the beach, look for any commercial concern.
  • Shade – umbrellas abound near center beach, otherwise tall pines provide shade close to the property line.
  • Sports – surf is the most popular, followed by body boarding and windsurfing. Some surfers complain of high wind, but we found surfers out as early as daybreak until dusk. Daily sand soccer game at the center life guard hut – around 2 PM. Futevôlei during high season, December through Easter. Snorkel only good on far eastern shore along rocks. No coral, but look for varied marine life. Opposite end rock cliff is dangerous because of high surf and strong undercurrentsSoccer on Geriba Beach, BuziosCliffs provide great fishing platforms. Some delta wing kite flying from western cliff, depending on seasonal wind conditions. Beach water is generally warm October through May because of the shallow trough running along the edge until 30 meters out.
  • Notes – crowds abound near center beach (Fishbone Bar and Disco – pig roast every Thursday at 10 PM and a grand pizza buffet every Sunday night at 8). You can find space for sun tanning west of Fishbone, or for water play and sun, try east. Waves and currents increase the further west of center you go. Use judgement and obey the life guards.
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