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Praia de Joao Fernandinho – Joao Fernandinho Beach Buzios

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Praia de Joao Fernandinho

One of the nicest beaches to take the kids in Buzios is Joao Fernandinho. You can get to it easily from the main roads, and it is near one of the largest concentrations of pousadas and hotels in Buzios. You can read that a few ways – most people read it as meaning it’s going to be very crowded in high season. If you’ve come for people watching, this is your beach. But the mix is mainly from outside Brazil.

As Joao Fernandes is bigger and more crowded, try Joao Fernandinho as an alternate. The beach is quite long and very well taken care of. The view is spectacular.

Praia de Joao Fernandinho BoatssdaJoao Fernandinho Beach is the baby brother to Joao Fernandes Beach. Legend has it that Portuguese captain Joao Fernandes held up on the beach that now bears his name, fighting off raids from indians or pirates. Landlocked and bounded by the sea, it was an exercise in futility, for Joao Fernandes and Joao Fernandinho set at the furthermost point on the Buzios peninsula.

These green waters and beautiful strip of sand and among the warmest in Buzios. So it’s little wonder this place is packed during the holidays. As we said before, you can access Joao Fernandinho Beach from the main road. Then, a stone stairway winds down to the beach area. Near the stairs you’ll find a kiosk that sells refreshments.

Praia de Joao Fernandinho Hotels

Another stone staircase leads from the Colonna Hotel, sitting high atop the hillside between Joao Fernandes and Joao Fernandinho. The stairs of the Colonna stop at the south rock shoreline. A walk along the rocks will get you over to the fun of the beach.

Joao Fernandinho – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – medium to coarse grained, rock based.
  • Facilities – refreshments only, restrooms at top of stairs.
  • Shade – great shade along the whole stretch with beautiful tropical almond trees.
  • Sports – sunbathing, swimming is excellent.
  • Notes – awesome sunsets.
Praia de Joao Fernandinho Sunset
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