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Praia de Tucuns – Tucuns Beach Buzios

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Praia de Tucuns - Tucuns Beach Buzios

If you’re looking to get totally away from all the action in Buzios, Tucuns Beach is the place to be. But be prepared to really be away from it all.

Praia de Tucuns - Tucuns Beach Buzios

Now, there are a few serious developments in here. Someone woke up to the potential of resorts on this beach. There are a few problems that Buzios still has to address. First, this beach is near a few less developed towns. Secondly, Tucuns sits off the peninsula and needs better policing.

Why come to Tucuns? Club Med. Changing the face of not only Tucuns, but probably Buzios as well. With the 2016 Summer Olympics being held in nearby Rio, Buzios stands a chance to be placed on the map as the St Tropez of Brazil.

For one thing, as you notice, Tuncuns isn’t really on the Buzios peninsula. It’s on the “neck” area, even though the beach is quite beautiful, and Buzios claims Tucuns as one of the “many” Buzios Beaches on all the brochures. If you’re in the much more developed Buzios area, it’s a good ten to fifteen minute ride around the mountain that divides Geriba and Tucuns. And you may like that sort of thing – serenity.

There are a few excellent Pousadas (B&B’s) here, worth looking into.

Tucum pod - Praia TucunsTucuns gets its name from the Tucum palm, (Bactris lindmaniana), which is from the same family of the Areca palm, famous throughout Florida – but these babies have thorns; stickers. Ouch!

The fruit is actually pretty nutritious and the oil is high in fatty acids. Don’t worry – you probably won’t eat any during your stay here. The locals, however, love them.

Okay, so let’s take a look at the beach.

Tucuns is used primarily by surfers, both kite boarding and long and short boarders. There’s a surf school located on the beach. The sand is a tan color, mainly due to the coloring from the runoff from the mountains. There is very little coral in the area.

Because Tucuns faces almost due south, there’s a nice tradewind that picks up around 2:30 each afternoon. This is excellent for kite boarding, but remember the surf can get rough and borderline dangerous as the waves kick up.

And, unlike Geriba and several other beaches in Buzios, Tucuns does not have lifeguards. You’re on your own, quite a ways from any emergency care.

Another popular sport is delta wing kite flying off the mount between Geriba and Tucuns. It’s a nice ride through the wind and a spectacular view of Buzios and the surrounding area… or so they say.

To learn more about individual businesses and sports around the Tucuns area, please write us for more information. We’re happy to help you as we’ve been in the area and have come to know some of the businesses.
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