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Praia do Canto – Canto Beach Buzios

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Praia do Canto, Buzios, Brazil

Located just west of the main part of the town center, Praia do Canto in Búzios is a lovely cove with generally calm seas. Along the west coast there’s a large outcropping of rock which lends to a large forest covered cliff. The green goes on to the point where we’re out to open sea.

Praia do Canto, Buzios, BrazilWhat makes Canto Beach in Búzios special is the fact that you can sit in town at an oceanside cafe and gaze at the unique mixture of man and nature. Man, in the form of the handful of colorful fishing boats that anchor in the cove. Nature, in the wonderful beauty of sand, sea, and green rolling hills.

Why more people don’t come to this tropical paradise is a question one often ponders while sipping that drink at the cafe. And, in the back of your mind, you are wishing they will never, ever find it.

Even though people do swim in Praia do Canto, we’re heard a few warnings. Until recent times some of the run-off from the town center could make its way into this area. We’re not aware of any formal water testing as is done at many other beaches, but this is not to say it is not performed here.

Praia do Canto, Buzios, BrazilCanto is enchanting because it contains all of what many tourists are looking for; a beach with a spectacular view, within walking distance to the major action in town, and close to good eats.

What we found is that many find Praia do Canto in Búzios the beach when they simply want to relax by reading a book, or sleeping in a hammock swinging from an oceanside veranda. Could this be you?

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Praia do Canto – Beach Index:

  • Sand – medium grain, no shell, appears clean.
  • Facilities – full range, since close to center of town.
  • Shade – mid afternoon shade west end; pretty sunset on east end. Few umbrellas.
  • Notes – some say Canto is not recommended for swimming; we will update when we hear an all-clear by the city.

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