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Praia dos Amores – Lovers Beach Buzios

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Praia dos Amores, Buzios, Brazil

Love is in the air! Good reason to take one of the leisurely cruises around the Buzios peninsula and visit all of the beaches. Start early so you can get in a few beaches and some great Brazilian food. You’ll want to start at the center of town and head in either direction as there are nice beaches either way. If the boat you’re going on doesn’t serve lunch, be sure you’ll find it on one of the beaches. Ask in advance for the schedule. They don’t always run on time, but at least you’ll know if they are coming back that way.

You’ll probably never see this beach on your trip to Buzios. It’s off the beaten path and therefore, hard to get to. Yet, it’s one of Buzios beaches and is a jewel because of its pristine condition.

Schooner Cruise BuziosAnd what a name: Praia dos Amores – Lover’s Beach! Secluded makes sense. Where’s your romantic nature?

You access Praia dos Amores by boat, or by hiking around the rocky shore from Praia do Canto. Either way, it takes some effort – but the payoff is worth it.

But if you choose to venture here, remember that some of the local schooners also stop to let tourists swim, sunbathe, and walk.

One of the reasons for the condition of this part of the Buzios Peninsula is conservation. There is a great effort underway to preserve much of the green left in Buzios. This is noble and required as more and more people visit.

So there it is – the smallest of beaches on Buzios; most difficult access and a named for the many couples who have come here to “make out”.

Praia dos Amores – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – medium grain, from rock.
  • Facilities – none, but many trees near by.
  • Shade – none.
  • Sports – none.
  • Notes – you are really on your own, here.
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