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Praia Rasa – Flat Beach Buzios

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Windsurfing at Praia Rasa, Buzios

The longest beach of Buzios isn’t on the peninsula. It’s Praia Rasa and sits on the northern shoulder. If you thought Praia de Manguinhos was long, Praia Rasa is even longer, boasting more than two continuous miles of beach. You could do some serious jogging here.

Tucked away, off the peninsula of Buzios proper is Praia Rasa. It’s a long beach, and silty, with a curious island off the coast. Still, the less expensive homes in Buzios are here mainly because there is no protection from being out on the peninsula.

Praia Rasa, Buzios

That doesn’t mean the peninsula is a safe haven, but it is better that the open land of Praia Rasa. In any case, be safe and you’ll love it here.

But the main sport is kitesurfing and windsurfing. Though the surf here is slightly more heavy than at Praia de Manguinhos, it still makes an excellent setting for a great ride.

Afternoon trade winds provide excellent consistent lift for boarding from one end to the other.

Praia Rasa has an interesting past. In the late 1800’s, slaves from surrounding farms began inhabiting the Praia Rasa region.

Statue to the Slaves, Praia Rasa, Buzios

Slavery was big business in this area in the early 1800’s. Indeed, Praia Rasa was even called “Landing Beach” as a slave trade port.

Then in 1850, with the law that forbid the traffic of slaves in Brazilian coastal waters, the Brazilian Navy heavily patrolled Buzios looking for ships. Slavery arrivals ended.

So, even today, many of the inhabitants of Praia Rasa are descendents of the slaves of long ago. In the town square, a bronze memorial has been dedicated to the history of the slaves.

Praia Rasa (meaning “flat” or “shallow”) is silty, densely compacted sand. Even so, the view here is spectacular. Offshore is fabulous Ilha Rasa, or Rasa Island, a resort.

To get to Praia Rasa, you must leave the Buzios peninsula and head north. It’s not too hard to find. Follow the signs and the coast.

Praia Rasa – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – very fine, clay/sand.
  • Facilities – sporadic. Look for small businesses along the beach.
  • Shade – none. Mostly small sandy dunes.
  • Sports – kiteboarding, windsurfing, sailing.
  • Notes – longest beach in the area!
Praia Rasa, Buzios
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