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Copacabana Beach in Rio

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Copacabana Beach is probably the most famous beach in Brazil, and maybe second only to Buzios, in our opinion. But what does this beach have that makes it so famous? It’s the majestic mix of mountains and sea. You have the mountains of southern Brazil cascading right down into the Atlantic Ocean. Next to Copacabana beach is Ipanema beach, which makes a more pleasant place to book a hotel. Ipanema beach is trendier than Copacabana, and it is generally where the most beautiful people tend to hang out. Copacabana hotel is the perfect place to enjoy comfort and service and a stay that combines rest and relaxation with great entertainment.

There are beautiful resorts located 25 minutes from Rio’s International airport. And they have a shuttle service if you pre-arrange it. Most flights arrive at night, so this is a safe way to get from the airport area, to the hotel. Comfortable facilities and convenience are qualities that guests will come to expect as a guest of one of the grand hotels here, Augusto’s Copacabana Hotel. A warm and friendly staff awaits your arrival. Rooms are cozy with comfortable beds. Share your information with us here with your stay at any Copacabana hotel, and please show us more pictures and your experience. Certainly there is no need for this beach to prove itself. There are no lack of hotels along the beach, either.


Consequently you’d really need a good reason to come here and fortunately the beach provides you with that reason – it the place to visit if you want to see some of the most spectacular sunsets in Brazil! But because of the crescent shape of the beach, you can see sunrise here, as well. Get up early and take a camera. The view is spectacular. Considered less developed and isolated among the Brazil beaches available for you to visit – go north, if you want to venture off the beaten track a little, this is most certainly the place to do it. This way is somewhat slower and less comfortable, but cheaper, than direct buses.

This beach (Copacabana) was made for walking...

If you come to Rio, you cannot give a miss to this celebrated curved beach. And at our hotel, we were taken away with the rooms. All are individually designed with fine period furniture and original works of art. Each of the rooms has view of the sea or of Copacabana Avenue. For homes or condos at the beach, renters should rely on their own enquiries and satisfy themselves as to the bona fides of Renters prior to entering into any agreement.

Row of hotels along Copacabana beach

For dates including New Year, Rio Carnival and Easter time, please remember that most hotels require a minimum stay of three to five nights. Confirmation of requested services will reach you almost immediately. Our hotel was located right on the beach and enjoyed spectacular views of the ocean, Sugar Loaf Mountain, and Rio de Janeiro. It is their pleasure to make the traveler feel oriented with Rio by offering innumerable tips for exploring the most beautiful city in the world. When arriving to Rio, whether by bus or plane, they pick you up and bring you straight to their little universe at Copacabana Beach House.

Copacabana beach scene

Swimming at the Barra beach can be a dangerous activity. Actually unless you go to some paradise beach area near Rio (such as Buzios or Paraty – which you would really enjoy!!) where the sea water is very clean and calm, you should take care with the ocean in Rio. For children there are sea slide chutes on the beach and the grown ups can rest in a beach bar or a beach restaurant. The beach also hosts windsurfing regattas and Dubrovnik’s local waterpolo teams matches.

Copacabana Beach - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Finally, a word about safety in this part of the world. This is probably the same speech people give Brazilians traveling to New York or Miami, cities of similar size. Make sure you have your valuables in a safe place. Do go walking about with flashy jewelry or anything that draws unnecessary attention to you. With that said – have you been to Copacabana Beach in Rio? What did you think? Did you stop by any of the little bars along Avenida Atlantica? Would you go back?

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