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Fortaleza Beaches Brazil

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The capital of Cear?ossesses one of the largest and best equipped networks of hotels and restaurants in the North East Region of Brazil. The Jangada is a kind of symbol of the city and lobster is one of its most typical dishes. For investors seeking to buy readymade projects or lager investments in Cear?razil we work closely together with Beach land Developments Ltd. To secure the best service and a professional approach. From Barra do Ceara, in the west region of the city, an important historical center, to Farol Beach; both have quiet and exciting beaches.

Praia Mansa as it is know by the people of Fortaleza.

The Praia de Iracema and the Praia do Futuro are good options; the former is preferred by intellectuals, bohemians and night partiers, whereas the later is preferred by swimmers and surfers. Along the Avenida Beira Mar there are a few more beaches, such as Meireles and Mucuripe; here, the walkway is wide, with plenty of space for joggers and walkers, who usually refresh themselves at one of the several kioskes and restaurants established along the way. Future Beach or Praia do Futuro has a well developed structure to receive tones of people during the summer months in Brazil. There you will find comfort, safety and fresh sea food, especially crabs.

Praia da Iracema
When the tide is out, you can walk for an hour along the beach to the fishing hamlet of GUAJIRU, named for the indigenous local fruit that still grows abundantly in the scrubby bushes scattered around the dunes. There is no electricity or running water, but the people are friendly and the scenery marvellous. The beach barracas here are very good: the fried fish is fresh and comes in enormous portions. The ultimate surfing beaches, however, are 6km beyond the Praia do Futuro, at Porto das Dunas and Prainha , 11km in combined length. Now, Lagoinha is a quiet colony of fisherman, set amongst paradise landscapes dotted with palm trees, beaches and colorful sand dunes!


The scenery is complemented by the jangadas (small and rustic rafts used by the fishermen), always bearing seafood for Ceara’s cuisine. The Praia do Futuro (Beach of the Future) is a popular meeting place for bathers, with many beachside restaurants, built in local style using carnauba straw. It’s remote and quiet, with miles of wide beaches interrupted only by tiny fishing villages and small groups of jangadas, the small sailing rafts used for lobster fishing by the local fishermen. No music, no vendors, and none of the other trappings of a major tourist destination. You can find Mucuripe beach when you start to see the “jangadas” (small and simplistic fishing boats). In Mucuripe there is the fish market where everyday you can find fresh seafood.

Jangada adventure

Iguape is only 5 minutes by car and is a fishing village where visitors can eat fresh fish and buy handicrafts directly from the artisans. Fortaleza is a city of 2, 000, 000 people (Brazil’s fifth largest city) yet holds the pitoresque feeling of a small city. This is not an exclusive expensive resort but a wonderful time in a sleepy little fishing village about an hours drive from an exciting large Brazilian city. Others include kicking back in the sun, drinking cold beverages, and eating the local fish and shrimp. Driving along the coast over the great sandy dunes is also a favorite sport in the region.

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