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Maracajaú Beach Natal Brazil

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The beaches are pristine and the water is warm and clear and the presence of underwater reefs just offshore makes snorkeling and diving two of the most popular activities among tourists. Others include kicking back in the sun, drinking cold beverages, and eating the local fish and shrimp. Although not one of the most elegant destinations in Brazil, Natal is very popular with European tourists as much for its safe family-friendly atmosphere as the fact that it is the closest Brazilian beach to Europe. The sand is the consistency of white sugar and swimmers interested and snorkeling or diving will love exploring the reefs just offshore and on days when the water is not a draw, the active traveler might boogie across the magnificent sand dunes in an ATV. It is hugely popular both amongst Brazilians seeking an escape from the cities of Sao Paulo and Rio and international tourists, especially northern Europeans, in search of paradise. The region is still very unspoilt although the infrastructure is developing rapidly making the area ever more accessible with things like access to the best packing cubes to store away you heavy belongings safely, enjoying your full mobility.

The north coast’s most popular snorkeling spot, Maracajau sits about 63 kilometers from Natal and offers the most extensive span of rock and coral reefs in the country, some 13 square kilometers of them. Here the water is transparent, warm (around 28 C), and shallow (1–3 meters deep), making it perfect for viewing tropical fish and lobsters. The region is set to become one of the most popular tropical destinations for Europeans, and recently the Americans have taken an interest as well. With an array of restaurants, beach bars and pousadas, the area is becoming increasingly popular amongst Brazilians and the international investor alike. Palma do Mar is located in the heart of an approved residential and tourism masterplan and is the sister development of both Jardim do Mar and Oasis do Mar.


The wind was quite strong, and we thought that it would be more fun to kitesurf all the way to the reefs instead of jetting there in a speedboat. We went ahead with this plan and arrived about 15 minutes later. From the beach a boat takes you about 7km (4 1/4 miles) offshore to a moored diving platform. At low tide the honeycomb of reefs forms natural pools rich in tropical fish and other marine life. To get there you must cross the river by boat.


This beach is located south of the lake Araruama, has fine white sand, green but cold waters, and is quite famous for surfing. The beach and the surrounding scenery here, with its natural sand dunes and wide beaches, is spectacular! Visit several beaches, among them, Cumbuco, with a mandatory stop for sand skiing and photographs at Paracuru and Lagoinha, one of the most beautiful locations. At Maracajau Beach Villas you can step from your garden straight onto the beach and feel the sand between your toes in an instant, plus, with only ten neighbours this is an exclusive set. Property which is frontline to the coast will always hold its value as those sea views are protected ad infinitum and whilst demand is always high, supply is finite.

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