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Praia de Santos Beach Sao Paulo Brazil

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Sixty kilometers south of Sao Paulo, Santos is one of the oldest cities in South America (1534) and the busiest port in Brazil. Half of the country’s exports, including much of the world’s coffee, pass through this town, which occupies the eastern half of Sao Vicente Island, in a marshy area between the mountains and the sea. The hotel is the main tower building in the Brascan Century Plaza complex. The hotel is part of a major building cluster offering corporate installations. The goal of the Santos Beach Recovery Program was to eliminate contamination of Santos beaches and rebuild the local tourist economy in two phases over a four year period. The first phase includes rerouting the contaminated water in stormwater canals from the ocean and into sewage treatment plants. Whose idea was it to dump sewage right onto the beach in the first place?

praia de santos - fim de tarde

We went by dune buggy to the dune park. It cost $200 for 4 people for the day. Brazil is a dream land of warm and clear blue water, plenty of white sand, cocunut trees in abudent number, sunny land and fresh sea breeze. You can enjoy the beauty of brazil beaches all round the year. There is a nice sidewalk along the street, but there is also a meandering network of walkways gardens and kiosks between the beach and the street. These walkways were well maintained and extremely clean.

Praia de Santos (Santos's beach)

The beach gardens in Santos –
Originally, the beach had the geographical name of Pontal do Jureraut, according to old dwellers, it started to be called Daniela after 1970 due to the birth of the granddaughter of a local businessman – Mr. Joao Pruduio de Amorim – who owned several pieces of land at the beach .

The building has renascentist inspiration and was reopen to the public in 1997. R$4,00; R$2,00 (students and over 65 year-olds). But, just 27 km west of the city, Embu couldn’t have expected to remain unaffected by its growth; what is surprising is that it has somehow managed to retain its colonial feel. Despite having a population approaching 200,000, simple colonial-style buildings predominate in the town’s compact center, which is traffic-free on weekends. The InterContinental Sao Paulo is conveniently located a few blocks from the city business, entertainment, dining, and nightlife with 189 guestrooms including executive floors. This Art Deco style, predominant in the 20’s, was inspiration of the design in InterContinental Sao Paulo with 189 guestrooms including executive floors and a luxurious presidential suite.

Guriri, mar, sol, praia e garotas

They are, however, very old and were constructed intending not to transport people, but to transport coffee to the Santos seaport. However, there are new projects to build new medium-high speed railway tracks from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro (a project has been announced by the Brazilian government to build a high speed railway service in order to link the country’s biggest cities, the trains would go as fast as 280 km/h, and would link Sao Paulo and Rio in about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The site is in Portuguese, but it has lots of information on real estate agencies (“Imoveis”), beaches (“Praias”), local activities/services, etc. And if you have property or real estate elsewhere, we could possibly consider some kind of exchange. Its website is in Portuguese, but it is very affordable at approximately $80 Reals per night, which is approximately $30 US.

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  • Ty Hill December 3, 2009, 6:13 am

    Santos sports one the most beauitful beaches I have ever seen. With massive strethes of warm sand, beautiful garen vistas, magestic islands just off the coast, plenty of sunshine, great things to eat, drink, and do, Santos’ beachfront is truly a little slice of heaven.

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