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Praia do Forte Salvador Bahia

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Praia do Forte is becoming an increasingly popular eco-resort town in the state of Bahia. It is about an hour and a half drive from Salvador and easy to get to by bus or car. Praia do Forte is now the headquarters of the extensive national turtle conservation project, TAMAR Project, with national and international prestige, credibility and recognition. In the state of Bahia, the largest number of spawnings of the Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), considered to be one of the most threatened with extinction all over the world. Praia do Forte received its name from the Fortress built by the Captain Garcia D’avila Castle, who obtained an enormous chunk of land from the Portuguese crown in order to stimulate colonization of the Portuguese colony. It is one of the biggest fortifications built in Latin America.

Praia do Forte, Bahia,  2008

Praia do Forte has all the ammenities a kid needs. You have a kid’s club with dyly activities to keep them thrilled and occupied all day, personal baby sitter at very affordable prices and great beaches (with parasails, sailing boats, kayaks, diving equipment and calsses, etc) and swimming pools (with dayly activities as well). Located near the northwestern most tip of the island, Praia do Forte is a small and charming beach with calm waters just over the hill from Jureri Internacional. The beach’s name, which translates to “beach of the stong”, comes from the 18th century military fort located there called Fortaleza de Sao Jose. Ideal for families or large groups, these houses offer one of the best locations in Praia do Forte.

Iberostar Praia do forte-Bahia6

If you’re more into creature comforts, Praia do Forte is very popular with European and American travelers for its unique shopping possibilities. We have good deals with car rental services and the road to Praia do Forte is good. It is a long, straight road so, despite a distinct lack of signposts, it is hard to lose your way. Visitors to the Tamar site in Praia do Forte see turtles from days-old hatchlings to 20-year-old adolescents. Best of all, from late January to the end of April, Tamar lets visitors witness the little turtles hatch out and make for the ocean.

On the way to fishermen village. Tide was coming up...

The beachfront resort is huge with so many amenities. The food at the main buffet restaurant was fantastic with food varities from various countries every day. The capital’s beaches range from calm inlets, ideal for swimming, sailing, diving and underwater fishing, as well as open sea inlets with strong waves, sought by surfers. There are also beaches surrounded by reefs, forming natural pools of stone, ideal for children.


There are a range of excellent low key luxury resorts in Praia do Forte. Praia do Forte Eco Resort is a magical property located in Praia do Forte, a charming fishing village situated one hour north of Salvador da Bahia. This extensive beachfront property, the first eco resort hotel in Brazil, offers a wide range of activities and services for relaxation and adventure. Three years ago Praia do Forte was a sleepy little fishing town with three streets (none of them paved), no banks, no post office, no business hours, a couple of small pousadas, and a tiny seaside church. Then a firestorm of real estate speculation swept the coast, bringing massive new resorts, upscale hotels, chain restaurants, and expensive clothing boutiques.

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