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Praia do Rosa Beach Santa Catarina Brazil

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The access is by BR 101, entering on the interchange of Garopaba, and later turning right at “Praia do Rosa” General Road. Just follow the signs. Garopaba is one of the largest tourist destination in Santa Catarina and has become famous for the vast area of a beautiful nature with lakes, mountain ranges, forests and several beaches. This is the place for people that want to live in a quiet area, close to a small town center and still less than 1 hour drive from Florianopolis. Project appears offers an innovative educational proposal to schools in the Garopaba and Imbituba area. During the whole school year, the IBF team goes to local schools carrying out with children eco-pedagogical workshops and art/culture activities with the purpose of forming conscious citizens who will be active in the socio-environmental area.

Gorda, Katya and Nanda

South of the city is Muro Alto Beach, a palm-lined stretch of paradise that includes the Nannai Beach Resort, where the hotel restaurant serves local cuisine accompanied by wines from growing regions throughout Brazil. The ultimate water-lover’s resort, Nannai’s luxury bungalows all have private swimming pools, while guests share a serpentine pool located beside a natural tidal lagoon. Plenty of accommodation, restaurants and outrageous night clubs. A great place for volley ball, and is the home of ‘futevolei’ [foot volley ball], too. Hire a cook, dine in the laid-back hotel restaurant or hotfoot it to one of the village restaurants over the hill. Yesterday’s whale hunters are today’s guides, and the whale-watching tours are the best in the area.

muro alto 018

Fine seafood, and long walks along the beach where the surfers soon melt away. Huge waves make swimming hard, but plenty of laid back romance. Its clear and strong-tided sea attracts tourists from all over the country, specially surfers who consider Praia Brava the ideal place for the sport. From the belvedere on the road that takes you to the beach, the landscape shows the wild beauty and a paradisiacal view of Praia Brava.

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Praia Brava
Take advantage of the regions perfect waves to learn how to surf, at the Capitao David surf school. Classes include theory and practice, beginning in the calm lagoons and then moving on to the real thing in the sea. They guarantee that all of our students will be able to stand up on the board and go through the wave. Surfing is not just a sport, but a way of life; Hang-ten and catch a wave on this compact, four day program, designed to teach you the basics of surfing and its unique counter-culture. Our beach of choice is Praia da Rosa, recently named one of the best beaches in Brazil.


Unfortunately to get there you need to drive on the BR101 highway, one of the most dangerous of the country. You can tell how dangerous by the number of trucks, holes on the pavement and overtaking cars in this 2 way highway. All year round, couples, groups of friends, families with children and teenagers come to this beach that provides excellent options for lodging, gastronomy, and leisure activities.

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