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Chaung Tha Beach Myanmar

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Ngwe Saung can be reached by car from the capital Yangon in approximately seven hours. The journey takes travelers on a partly bumpy and pot-holed road across the alluvial Ayeyarwaddy Delta region. Pindaya, nearly 2 hours drive from Heho, the only airport around this region, is also one of the main destination. Shwe-u min cave which contained 8094 Buddhas statues, it was over centuries that the cave developed into a Buddhist shrine. It is about four-hour drive from Yangon (149 miles). Since the beach is quite flat and has a mild current, you can enjoy the sea all year round.

The beach can be reached by a car from Yangon for 4-5hours passing through the delta and crossing the low spurs of the Rakhine mountain ranges. It is favored by the local people because of the availability of inexpensive fresh sea food and dried sea food products. At this time there is only one ferry at 1200hours. Foreigners have to pay US$ 5 for round trip crossing. It is a very convenient drive from Yangon to Chaung Tha taking about 5 hours. Modern facilities can be found in bungalow type beach resort hotels.

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Instead of the loud noise from restaurants and crowd, you’ll hear the rubbing sound of the coconut plants and rhythm of waves lapping at the shore. Traditional bullock cart riding, horseback riding, cycling or simply walking along the shoreline will give you pleasant memories which will last a lifetime. Fresh coconut juice will make relax here. If you are craving a fresh coconut from the trees onsite or any other item that can be found in the nearby villages, our staff will make your wish come true. With service like this, it will be difficult to leave.

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It is a peaceful summer resort with meandering mountain streams and fragrant pine woods. There are Palaung villages nearby and hill tribes such as Danu in their colourful costumes. Out of seven beach resorts in Myanmar, Chaung Tha boasts the most hotels, and the area has been upgraded into a town with concrete roads, buildings, restaurants, high-way terminals, serving as a relaxation center for beachgoers. On the other hand, for local residents like Kyu Kyu Win, it is felt that the development of the beach had turned a blind eye to their lives. Guests are welcome to use the advantages and services of the neighboring Bayview beach resort.

Chaung Tha Beach !!!

There lays an islet called Thebyu which means white sand, one mile diagonally across Phokalar Island is formed by oysters and shells carried and piled up by tidal waves. You can visit small fishing villages and local markets, explore the countryside by bicycle or enjoy a boat trip to the magnificent offshore islands. There are newly constructed bunglows with local flavour but equipped with modern facilities.

This unspoilt beach is 35 minute flight from Yangon. By overland, it is 14 hour drive along the narrow winding road over the Rakhine Yoma (mountain range ) after crossing the Ayeyarwaddy River at Pyay (Prome). Ngwe Saung Beach, the newest beach destination in Myanmar is situated 48 km from Pathein in the Ayeyarwaddy Division, about 190 km from Yangon on the western seaboard of the country, facing the Bay of Bengal. The beach stretches 15 km of white sand, blue sea, untouched surrounding, magnificent landscaping, most of all new hotels at chalet style with international standard and fringed with palm trees. The 270 metre long bridge spanning the Bago River made possible the 45 minutes’ drive from Yangon.

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