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Legian Beach – Bali

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Legian Beach, Bali

Named the United Nations of beaches, Legian Beach in Bali, Indonesia, is indeed filled with a multitude of “westerners” as well as the native Bali men and women. The difference? The Europeans and Americans are almost completely nude, whereas the men and women of the island are fully clothed from the workday. But here we see a glimpse of what Legian Beach, Bali, looks like on a typical day. It’s very different at night. Here you’ll see surfers lining up for the perfect wave, and people just hanging out. We enjoyed the thought of grabbing a beach chair and lying here listening to the surf. Isn’t that what beach life is all about? This beach has some serious wave action during the day.

There are abundant activities here that are very affordable! However this beach is not recommended for swimming due to some tough undercurrents that will sweep you under – so watch out. The beach is very wide and if the tide is right you can walk a long ways until the water actually comes to your knees. This Indonesian beach is full of people at night; the sunsets are absolutely breathtaking!

Legian Beach, BaliTo fully enjoy Legian Beach, you must visit all the shops, bars, vendors, and have an amazing amount of fun because this beach is definitely a party beach. Here, you’ll forget you’re in Indonesia, and you will get away from any worry while you play football in the sand or canoe along the coast all the while watching scantily clad Brazilian women sunbathe on the beach. Or you could lie out yourself on the beautiful brown sand underneath the cornucopia of palms that line the shore.

Legian Beach is one of the more popular beaches in Bali and because of this there will be many tourists, so don’t be surprised if you find many a friendly visitor pass you by as you walk along this wonderful beach. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE visit the beach during a sunset, you will see nothing else like it!

Legian Beach – Bali – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – Brown, long and wide.
  • Facilities – All included at the nearby hotels. Plus small stands that sell various items such as chessboards.
  • Shade – mature palm trees
  • Sports Parasailing, surfing, snorkeling, touring on glass-bottom boats, canoeing, jet-skiing, windsurfing, sailing and swimming
  • Notes – can get crowded around major hotels.

Legian Beach, Bali
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Legian Beach, Bali

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