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Hanalei Bay Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

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Hanalei Bay is a 3-mile long perfect crescent of sand surrounded by the world?s rainiest mountains. Over 500 inches of rain drench nearby Mt. Famous for its spectacular beauty, Hanalei Bay is a long half-moon of sandy beach carved into the base of a sheer cliff on one side and narrowing into a rocky point on the other. The beach is a great spot for walking or throwing a Frisbee around. Since Hanalei Bay is a popular destination for romance, it is a popular choice among those planning destination weddings. For that reason, many Hanalei Bay resorts and hotels offer wedding packages.

Hanalei Bay is the Crown Jewel of the north shore, and the Princeville resort the diamond. They are located less than a half mile from each other in Princeville on the same side of the bay. Hanalei bay is known for many things to many of us who love Kauai. It’s scenic beauty, its azure blue water, its small pier jetting out into the Pacific, fantastic sunsets. The majestic Royal Suite at the resort with its panoramic view of Hanalei Bay is the ultimate in elegance. This spacious suite has a private bedroom with a king bed and a “royal spa,” which includes a spa tub and a spacious bath. Wow!

Kauai: Hanalei Bay from the Sky

I have heard from a few in-the-know travelers that Hanalei Bay is paradise without the hordes of tourists. My mind was made up to enjoy the world class beaches and snorkeling, as well as to find colorful local culture.

This is found on the North Shore of the island of Kauai and is one of the most romantic and beautiful beaches in the state. Beautiful sites can be seen from this beach like the amazing waterfalls, deep emerald mountainsides, and white sand and azure blue water. While you’re stroking on the luscious links, the kids can go horseback riding along the beach, snorkel crystal-clear lagoons teeming with marine life, watch lava waterfalls plunge into the ocean, or Humpback Whales rising from the ocean depths. While you are all here, take a Hawaii Helicopter tour together or enjoy a romantic sunset cruise and traditional luau. Not only are these beaches selected because they are beautiful, but also because they meet the strict 50 criteria set up by Dr Stephen P Leatherman, to evaluate beaches. Some of the things which are kept into consideration while assessing a beach are water and sand quality, safety, facilities and environmental management.

Kauai: Surfer Girls at Hanalei Bay

A 3-minute walk down a scenic path will take you to the white sands of Princeville Beach, where you can sunbathe, snorkel, and senselessly bask in the blue waters. When my friend and I would get bored, we’d wade across the place where the river pours into Hanalei Bay, and swim across it to the Princeville side. Lots of golf courses and stuff. Two championship golf courses keep the guys busy while the girls take advantage of Princeville’s sumptuous spa.

This is not the best beach for swimmers and families because of the surf and strong currents, however surfers love the waves here. In fact, surfers visit Kauai’s Hanalei Bay from all of the Hawaiian Islands and around the world simply because of its unbelievably large and long lasting waves. Upon approaching the Hanalei Bay beach, we marveled in the difference in color of the ocean waves, which never seem to turn out properly in photographs. We took a left to walk over by the campgrounds and the road.

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