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Grand Wailea in Wailea Beach, Maui, Hawaii

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Grand Wailea Beach, Maui

Located 17 miles south of Kahului Airport, 27 miles southeast of Lahaina, on the famous stretch of sand known as Wailea Beach sits the Grand Wailea Resort. It’s the sister hotel to the livelier Four Seasons at Hualalai, and both owned by Michael Dell of Dell Computers fame. They are really at opposite ends of the social scale, but that’s fine because they are both known to provide unerring service, world-class dining and gracious accommodations with amenities you just want to take back home with you.

Upscale certainly doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. In fact, there’s more fun at Grand Wailea than most resorts on Maui.

I’ve heard that the people here at the Grand Wailea take care very seriously. I’ve never been, but have driven by the location several times. It does sound like it’s true, at least in the dining department – they have six restaurants as of this writing and one called Humuhumunukunukuapuaa seems to be a favorite.

Picture yourself dining oceanside on some incredible cuisine, while at the same time watching that big red Hawaiian sun disappear into the sea. That sounds pretty relaxing to me.

Hawaii's Wailea Beach, MauiSome people come here just to unwind, but others engage in all sorts of activities that the hotel has to offer. For example, there are the golf courses, world famous – I know from living in Naples, Florida that golf courses are a way of life for many and if they are world famous, well, the top players know them and have played them.

There are spas, restaurants (oh, I mentioned that) and a cool boardwalk that winds its way through the property. And what is cool is to see cattle from a near by ranch make their way down to the shoreline to drink from a natural spring close to the Grand Wailea. I want to go now – Grand Wailea, and familiarization passes?

If eating every meal at the hotel is OK, then you’re fine, but if you plan to eat out or explore, you’re going to need a rental car. There are many, many companies serving the island of Maui. Shop around for the best deals before you leave home.

The view will awe you – looking out at that beach from your room every moment you peek through the window. It’s enough to close your eyes and record to take back home with you. So make your reservation soon for this complex. From all I can gather it is well worth staying here once, and quite possibly come back time after time.

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