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Makena Beach, Little Makena Beach, Maui, HI

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Makena Beach, Maui

Makena Beach is accessible via a short road at mile marker 4 on Makena Alanui Road and another access just past mile marker 4 in South Maui.  If you get the opportunity, this is a recommended beach.

Big Beach is connected on the right by a small path over the hill and lava to Little Beach which is a favorite spot for nude sunbathers. We decided right then that we were coming back to Little Beach for our first anniversary.

Makena Beach is the most incredible beach.

The locals call it “Breakneck Beach” because the shore pounding waves are used by Maui’s top skim boarders. Keep this in mind and time your entry/exit precisely.

It offers a left hand reef break off of the South side of the beach. This beach is beautiful and as perfect as can be. Normally the regulars try and break this sort of thing up, but anarchy is the norm on this beach. This sort of thing can really put a damper on the day.

On any day of the week watch out for the mean shore break — those crisp, aquamarine waves are responsible for more than one broken arm. Makena is part of the Kihei area. If you like ocean activities and golfing, Makena is where you want to be. Crowds are minimal compared to the beaches in Wailea and Kihei up the road.

It is often referred to as THE beach on Maui. Often crowded on weekends, there is a second section of the beach connected by a path on the right. This smaller beach area is referred to as “Little Beach”. The division between Big Beach and Little Beach was caused by a lava flow and earthquake in 1790. Clothing is unofficially optional. There is nude bathing. It’s also a good spot for boogie boarding, body surfing, and wading. What makes this area different than the other’s is that Makena has a nude beach. There are 2 beaches here.

This is one of the world’s best beaches, as you can see from the picture. If you are staying in Kihei, Wailea, or Makena and don’t want to drive an hour to attend a luau in Lahaina or Kaanapali, you won’t be disappointed. Local Condo club houses have really good Mai Thais and a full open bar, along with an outstanding buffet featuring Kalua pig cooked in a genuine underground imu, huli huli chicken, grilled fish, charbroiled steak, and a variety of salads and island delicacies.

Little Makena Beach, MauiMakena can be perfect for swimming when it’s flat and placid, but it can also offer excellent body surfing when the waves come rolling in. Vistas of Molokini Crater and Kahoolawe can be seen off in the distance. High surf and strong currents may be present. Rock hazards are present. Diehl recorded the surf over several days at Makena Beach and later, in the studio, wrote and recorded music that he combined with the environmental recordings. The result is a mix of songs that will appeal to anyone who loves the beach, wants to relax, or practices meditation or yoga.

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