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Lanikai Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Lanikai Beach Oahu
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When you arrive in Hawaii you are probably drawn to Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach, but Lanikai Beach on Oahu is in a class all its own. It has everything you’d expect in a beach, plus the beauty of the surrounding terrain. Most likely you’ve seen this beach before in publications or postcards and didn’t realize it was right here on the most popular of the Hawaiian Islands.

Yes, you’ll find a lot happening at Waikiki, but if you want to see something that is not too publicized in all of those tourist booklets this is something you want to plan. In fact, if you can spend a whole day here, you’ll see this beach wake up and live through a day of surf, sun and sand. Speaking of sun – make sure you bring plenty of suntan lotion! You’ll want to spend some time getting your vitamin D!

Lanikai Beach Oahu

Which beach do locals vote as best? Hands down it would have to be Lanikai off Mokulua Drive on Oahu. The beach is over a mile long and, yes, bring the camera, this is the most spectacular beach for photographs on the island.

Postcard perfect, the water is amazingly crystal clear. Couple that with the swaying coconut palms and you have the makings of a photo op you won’t soon forget.

Okay, so why is Lanikai Beach so very cool?

It’s sheltered by a wide, protective offshore reef, the kind you see in those pictures of Fiji. Picture the waves breaking far out from the shore and then gently riding into the sandy beach. And you?

You’re sitting there looking out and listening – taking it all in. For a moment your eyes close. You dream you’re in paradise. And when you open your eyes, you realize you are. What a wonderful place.

Maybe you’ve never been somewhere so spectacular. This is well worth the time and energy to find and you’ll be rewarded by the view if not the sun kissed beach and waters that make this the breathtaking nirvana it is. Many postcards have been made of the view and once here, you’ll be talking about it forever.

So the shoreline is a natural swimmers paradise. You will find kayaking and outrigger canoeing (gotta try it!), sailing and surfing all within view of this gem in the Pacific.

Or, do like the locals and just come down here for a relaxing day at the beach – tan, read, enjoy the break. This is a gem and much recommended.

Walking along Lanikai Beach

And did we mention windsurfing?

Because of the reef, wind- surfing conditions are almost always perfect.

You can try your skill by renting a board or taking lessons from the local shops, or grab that camera again for some memories to take back to the mainland.

Remember when you park your car to not leave valuables in it. Don’t encourage anyone to break into your vehicle. Have fun and play it safe. This is one beach worth coming back to every trip.

Lanikai Beach certainly is “heavenly sea” – translated from Hawaiian.

Lanikai Beach – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – white/gold, medium grain, soft
  • Facilities – none
  • Parking – near residences, limited but fine
  • Shade – palms and other adult trees
  • Sports – local rentals, snorkeling is awesome here
  • Three Best Beaches Recommended
  • Notes – clean, usually surf-free, beautiful small islands close by

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Outrigger canoe Lanikai Beach
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