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Tamarin Bay Beach – Mauritius

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tamarin bay beach mauritius

Huge surf comes right through a break in the surrounding coral reef and finds its way to the Bay of Tamarin on Mauritius’ southwest shore. Because of the topography of the island at this point, the breakers can be sweet. But don’t count your surfers, just yet.

tamarin bay beach mauritiusThey are few and far between, mainly because Tamarin Bay, or Baie du Tamarin, is shallow salt flats. Yes, the beach is very nice, and there are some nice facilities nearby. But Tamarin Bay has sort of a rough around the edges feel for Mauritius.

Nonetheless, Tamarin Bay Beach is worth a visit. Beyond the palm and casuarina trees lies some grand landscape. Close by you’ll find the forest and mountains – well, part of the volcano that was here eons ago. It’s worth the time to check it out by trekking to the trees and taking in nature at its best.

You’ll see Montage du Rempart across the river. Tamarin Bay is special, and worth a visit – especially if you want to boogie board or surf.

We’re off to see a deep lagoon with crystal clear water – so special they called it “Belle”, or “beautiful”up NEXT! >>

tamarin bay beach mauritiusTamarin Bay – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – medium grained, coral/rock based.
  • Facilities – none close.
  • Shade – coconut palms.
  • Sports – the main sport here is surfing, but no rentals available at the beach.
  • Notes – beware of surrounding salt ponds which can give off a little odor depending on the tide level.
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