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How can you take on Asia with so many island and long running open coasts, seas named after it, days to traverse from one area to another, each with its own weather system and climate, and simply touch on a few of the wonderful gifts of pristine beaches on this side of the globe. But we give it a start anyway, and continue to add beaches each week. You help as well with your suggestions of best beaches across the world and in Asia. So keep them coming and let’s visit what we have below.

Map of Asia

Just like everywhere else on the planet, between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer, some of the best beaches can be found in Asia. Going to the beach for leisure isn’t in most cultures here, but they know the beauty they possess and for the most part, are happy tourists can make it here. It means a boost to their economy and that helps everyone.

This part of the world also encompasses India and Southeast Asia which we go into more detail in that section. As we travel further south, we get into what we call Oceania. Please take time to submit a beach in this area and share with our visitors.

Southwest Asia Beaches
Beaches in India India – has a great variety of beaches from soft sand on the Indian Ocean to lagoons and bays all beckoning you looking for that incredibly cool cultural experience. And I mean all good stuff. In the past 10 years, India has sunk an enormous amount of money into creating a world class resort infrastructure.
Maldives Beaches Maldives – The smallest Asian country has the best beaches; some of the best on the planet. Some 435 miles south of Sri Lanka, Maldives is out in the middle of nowhere, and sits a mere 4 ft 11 inches above sea level. Even though 21 resorts were destroyed by the 2004 tsunami, they are again open and waiting.
Southeast Asia Beaches
Beaches of Bangladesh Bangladesh – The world’s longest beach is here, some 125 kms of unbroken sand. Certainly you can find a spot, no? Tons of culture here and some traditions that may be really different for outsiders, like cows walking on the beach (they are sacred.) Still, soak it in and enjoy the views.
Beaches of Malaysia Malaysia – Sadly, some say the coral here needs some management. The beaches are nice, but there may not be the infrastructure you’re used to at home. Tourism with the change in the current generation visiting the beach more may mean these gems are crowded.
Beaches of The Philippines The Philippines – Pristine white sand coupled with some of the best oceanfront resorts on the planet, the Philippines certainly has a lot of best beaches. Over 7000 and more coastline than America.

Naturally, we start with the best along the tourist tracks, but submit your beach and pictures and we’ll include your story here, too. Help others find those hard to find bits of heaven on earth.