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South America

When conquistadors came here hundreds of years ago, they were blinded by their quest for wealth and walked over and past some of the greatest treasures of the land; the beaches. And all though they never found El Dorado, the fabled city of gold, they did bring with them change and an awakening to this New World.

People began to flood into the new territories and develop land along the ocean. Soon coastal cities were formed, mainly for commerce, others for relaxation. Let’s check out the relaxation points of South America.

Map of South America

Beaches in Brazil Brazil – The sleeping giant is now awake with an Olympics on the horizon. Awesome beaches, most beautiful women, and hospitality that will probably make you move here. No kidding.
Venezuela Beaches Venezuela – One island makes this a worthy visit. Los Roques is unbelievable and if you can get there, do it. Not many people here, so you’ll be in peace. The sand and view is mind blowing.