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Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia encompassed thousands of square miles and literally hundreds of beautiful beaches, some far away from populations – which means if you can get there, you have the whole thing practically to yourself!

But bargains exist even at the best resorts here. Is it the world economy? Not sure, just know there are many to be enjoyed sitting right on the beach and all you have to do is book them. Let’s take a look at the few that caught our eye this time around. The best beaches of Southeast Asia.

Map of Southeast Asia

Beaches of Bangladesh Bangladesh – The world’s longest beach is here, some 125 kms of unbroken sand. Certainly you can find a spot, no? Tons of culture here and some traditions that may be really different for outsiders, like cows walking on the beach (they are sacred.) Still, soak it in and enjoy the views.
Beaches of Malaysia Malaysia – Sadly, some say the coral here needs some management. The beaches are nice, but there may not be the infrastructure you’re used to at home. Tourism with the change in the current generation visiting the beach more may mean these gems are crowded.
Beaches of The Philippines The Philippines – Pristine white sand coupled with some of the best oceanfront resorts on the planet, the Philippines certainly has a lot of best beaches. Over 7000 and more coastline than America.