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Do you think of Bora Bora when you hear the word Oceania? Or maybe some very deserted island where you know humans have been before – thousands of years before you? These Polynesian people walked the very same sand that you may soon walk on your vacation to this part of the world.

A simple walk into their culture may be more mind opening than you think. A people steeped in tradition, a beach soft and inviting, water that looks painted from scratch… awaits.

Map of Oceania
Beaches in Australia Australia – Hey, mate! The best beaches in the hemisphere are here. Surf, swim, tan. Something for everyone.
Bora Bora Resorts Bora Bora – For years the subject of a land far away in movies and books, now much closer. The natural coral reef surround the island makes for some beautiful beaches. See the video.
Beaches in Tahiti Tahiti – French Polynesia never looked so appealing. Grand resorts and a laid back way of life make for an incredible vacation here. Beaches out of postcards. Tahiti is famous for its black beaches as well.
Beaches in Tonga Tonga – No one knew Tonga as the birthplace of Oceania. Beaches here are simply a way of life. Tonga is history, and beauty.