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Baby Beach Aruba

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Bright tropical fish swim through the clear blue water, so snorkelers will find plenty to observe. If you get tired of sitting on the beach, wander up to the hotels – most of them have ocean-side gardens and their own watertsports centers that are open to the public. Expect snorkeling gear to rent for US $15 per day, and snorkeling trips to cost US $25-35. Crowded with snorkelers at the passes where the best views are. Also strong current and surf in the passes when we were there in December. Visit and tour the Aloe factory or view the beautiful landscape or go golfing, enjoy the island sun tanning, sunbathing or scuba diving & snorkeling in the warm ocean waters. Also see the best of many restaurants and places to eat, recommend use the tourist tips while vacationing check your travel guide.

Baby Beach a windy day, always windy in Aruba from constant trade winds

It’s a sightseeing experience you’ll never forget: you’ll see the California Lighthouse, the Baby Natural Bridge and other key sights, including ultra popular Baby Beach, where you can go snorkeling or swimming. Our friendly and daring guides, experts in Aruba’s past and present, will give a detailed account of what you’re seeing along the way. The snorkeling at this location is great for kids or travelers new to snorkeling. However, for more experienced snorkelers, it is recommended to try Malmonk or Arashi Beach.

baby beach, aruba

Always remember to take your underwater camera and sunscreen!!! There are many disposables that work underwater – bring them from home as they are cheaper than buying them on the island. Keep them out of the hot sun.

There are no facilities of any kind nearby and the surf is extremly rough and dangerous for swimming. Topless sunbathing and swimming is not against the law, and tolerated on most beaches in the resort areas, but not on resort grounds!!! The 200 foot opening that forms the natural bridge was carved out of solid rock by the surf and wind. While interesting, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are tired of shopping, beaches and want to see something unique. Hi there Lisa, on the photograph underneath Surfside Beach, you see that there isn’t any kind of facility whatsoever. However, just a bit farther ahead there is Havana Beach Bar where there are some beach facilities and bar.

Little Lagoon  aka Baby Beach

Furthermore, several Caribbean beaches have change and shower facilities, shade huts and water sport equipment provided by Aruba resorts and hotels. For travelers in search of more privacy, a number of public beaches offer dazzling blue water and immaculate sand without the crowds. What’s more, many of the island’s finest resorts and hotels overlook the popular beach, granting a short walk to paradise for many travelers. Additionally, many resorts offer watersports equipment, shade huts and lounge chairs for their guests. Breathe in fresh tropical breezes bringing the captivating scents of our island retreat into each corner of our impeccably renewed Aruba hotel and resort. Delight in the beauty of our new design, from intimate gathering spaces to elegantly modern guestrooms.

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  • Joann July 25, 2009, 7:31 am

    Baby Beach is a spectacular place to visit. A little hard to find, but well worth it. Get there before 11 am if you want to rent the Cabana’s. They were pricey 31.00 US dollars but well worth it. I am a sun goddess, but Aruba sun is intense. The Beach was stunning was relaxing, and the snack bare was very reasonable and not bad. This is a must see and experience site when visiting Aruba. I have been to Aruba 4 or more times and never left the resort, but now I will come back and make Baby Beach one of my favorite places to spend a day at.

  • Bryan October 30, 2009, 10:25 am

    Agreed about Baby Beach – it was one of the best experiences of my life. Another visitor told us about it, and advised us to bring bread. So we stopped at the grocery store, picked up some french bread, and went snorkeling. The fish – of which there were hundreds – came and ate the bread right out of our hand. The fish were from 8″ to 18″ long. Viewed from the surface, the water appeared to “boil” with so many fish. Truly exceptional.

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