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Elbow Beach, Bermuda

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Elbow Beach, Bermuda

Elbow Beach is the fastest hotel property on the island of Bermuda. It’s the ultimate retreat with a wealth of facilities created for luxurious leisure. The hotel offers the holistic pleasures of a spa, five tennis courts, a putting green and swimming pool. Elbow Beach is part of the Mandarin Oriental’s portfolio of luxury establishments and one of the top hotels in the Atlantic. Sure, it’s well covered by the conglomerates, but we thought it was still worth a visit. Let’s take a look at the beach area and surrounds.

Elbow Beach is named after the stretch of private, pristine shore on which it resides – a beach of pink sand. Elbow Beach is on the south shore of the island of Bermuda. The taxi ride is about 30 to 45 minutes long depending on the traffic and time of day. We also told you that the Mandarin has a property here and most of the time you can bet that if a luxury hotel sinks millions into land, it’s going to have a nice beach.

This beach resides amongst fifty acres of beautifully landscaped gardens that gently slope down to a pristine shoreline of dazzling pink sand. Elbow Beach is the contemporary version of a classic island resort, offering the finest amenities and the best service. Having undergone extensive renovation, Elbow Beach is strengthening its position as Bermuda’s premier beach resort. Elbow Beach is on the south shore of Bermuda and offers a vast array of luxury accommodations.

Elbow Beach Bermuda, Pink Beach

This sheltered cove, surrounded by steep, jagged rocks, is arguably one of the most visually stunning beaches on the island. Another great facility nearby on one of the island’s highest points, The Fairmont Southampton overlooks lush acres of land, pink sandy beaches and bountiful gardens. The Beach Club is simply beautiful – but we found you have to stay at the hotel to use it. There’s a nearby golf course where you can really experience golf at its best – Bahamian style. In addition to the tennis courts (can you say “hot sun”?) we found the best use of time was to snorkel our way around the reefs, or ride the waves on a jet ski. But even exploring the island on a scooter at pretty great rates – is an adventure.

Perched on the beautiful pink sands of the island’s south shore, Elbow Beach is conveniently located just five minutes from the historic town of Hamilton. Perhaps you have always dreamed of getting married on the beach barefoot or in a private garden overlooking the ocean.

View of Elbow Beach Bermuda

Hotels often have private stretches of sand, but there are many fine public beaches as well. Hotels and private clubs often have their own beaches and facilities. Even if you’re not registered at a hotel or resort, you can often use their beach and facilities if you become a customer by having lunch there. Hotel food is also extraordinarily good! Service is satisfactory.

Bermuda is a hook shaped set of islands that 100 million years ago were part of the lip of a huge volcano that is now dormant. This group of islands sits 15 thousand feet from the bottom of the sea on a submarine mount. Bermuda “the way it used to be” that’s what you’ll find along this tranquil 21-mile dirt trail where a narrow-gauge railroad once ran. Flat and easy to walk, bike, or ride a horse, the Trail is one of the best ways to appreciate Bermuda’s subtropical natural beauty: waters ranging from lapis lazuli to turquoise, pawpaw trees hung with ripening fruit, tall rustling palms, and the vibrant red flowers of the Royal Poinciana considered one of the five most beautiful trees in the world.

Elbow Beach in Bermuda

Bermuda has a number of excellent commercial art galleries as well as fine custom jewelers, couture clothiers, antiques, china and crystal emporiums, bookstores, internet cafes and so on. You can even pick up a Bermuda flag from the ship supplier on the waters edge in front of the Miles Supermarket!

Bermuda’s semitropical climate is pleasant year-round. In winter, the average temperature is 70 degrees. Bermuda has a number of excellent commercial art galleries as well as fine custom jewelers, couture clothiers, antiques, china and crystal emporiums, bookstores, internet cafes and so on.

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