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Samana Las Terrenas

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Although it was one of Columbus’ stops in 1493, it was not ‘officially’ founded by Spain until the arrival of people from the Canary Islands in 1756. Since that time the area has undergone fighting pirates and some interesting wrangling for ownership. This island, of 1 square kilometer is the highest part of the coral reef barrier, which protects the bay from the powerful Atlantic waves. No doubt, Cayo Levantado is one of the favorite places for visitors because of its tropical Caribbean island ambience.

on the beach at cayo levantado
On the beach at Cayo Levantado

Samana is also home of the humpback whales in the bay of Samana. The Samana eninsula, we invite you to discover us enter this magical world we simply call Samana – Considered by the Dominicans and visitors alike to be the prettiest part of the Dominican Republic, the Samana eninsula is a naturalist’s delight! This bus connection gives time to make the whale-watching trips, but prepare for an exhausting day. During the winter season (January 15-March 15), visiting humpback whales can be seen and heard underwater as they migrate toward Silver Shoals. For advanced divers, there is the site known as The Tower.

Humpback whale at Samana

The town, however, experiences an influx of visitors from mid-January to mid-March every year coincident with the arrival of the Hump-back whales. For this is one of the best spots in the world for whale-watching during this mating period, in the warm tropical waters that some 10,000 whales may visit on their annual pilgrimage from cold Northern climes.

Lush vegetation, hills an beaches. Here you can walk miles and miles in quietness. Lunch on the beach is highlighted by a swim in the refreshing turquoise blue water, culminating in a romantic dinner in the candle lit patio or on the veranda, overlooking the ocean. Tea service or freshly brewed coffee, sparkling lemonade and other beverages are offered throughout the day, while cocktails provide an ideal opportunity for our guests to gather and enjoy conversation. La Dolce Vita is a 5 minute walk from Las Terrenas town: going by the beach is a pleasure you must allow yourself. If you prefer, you may try the local transport: the “motoconchos” (motorbike taxi).

Playa Ballena 7 (Ballena beach 7)

In 5 minutess by foot 3 beautiful beaches are located: playa Bonita, playa Las Ballenas and a private beach. Here, front to the hotel , marvelous located directly on the beach of Las Terrenas, Dominican gourmets and VIPs as well as impressed guests from all over the world are among our guests. Enjoy freshly caught game fish, seafood and top quality meat in an unique romantic ambiance. The resort is on the beach with .

Playa Coson is considered among the ten best beaches in the world. Fully furnished and with a lot of possibilities for extra buildings. You will be stunned by the miles and miles of pristine white beaches, near-perfect weather and a friendly, laid back attitude. Lying on the North Coast of the Samana Peninsula, a lush strip of land pushing out into the Atlantic, the town is blessed by the proximity of some of the country’s most beautiful beaches and by spectacular countryside around. Extensive groves of coconut trees fringe expanses of white sand which slope gently and invitingly into clear warm water.

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  • Christopher Abel May 13, 2010, 9:09 am

    Dear Friend –

    My name is Christopher Abel and I am a teacher at Carol Morgan School in Santo Domingo.

    You may not be aware, but US President Barack Obama is considering legislation which would allow LEGALIZED whaling to resume again after a 20-year moratorium. It sounds outrageous, but unfortunately it is true….

    Here is a petition you can sign….and PLEASE pass it along….this is TIME-SENSITIVE. The Legislation will be voted on in the next few weeks.




    Christopher Abel

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