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Colombier Beach on St Barts

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St Barts has excellent beaches, very French, well developed with just a few but excellent hotels, literally hundreds of excellent villas and some good self-catering rooms and apartments. Superb restaurants, people-watching and plenty of activities. Colombier is a sweet little cove perfect for swimming, snorkeling or eating a French picnic. Private yachts and sailboats often moor here while their passengers frolic in the water. The path here has been described as treacherous. Care to jump in? Just watch.


Regardless of where they sleep, most visitors explore a new beach (or two) every day. St Barts has no large hotels and only a limited supply of hotel and villa space, the Island has the added attraction of not being particularly crowded. It really is secluded. Watch this fly-by as the airplane lands in St Barts.


Hardest beach to get to is Colombier, reachable by boat from Gustavia or by a half- hour hike down a scenic path. Park just past the saltpond and walk up the rocky path which leads to a sand dune. The view from the top of the dune is breathtaking. The walk is about 10 minutes, so make sure to bring sneakers or water shoes for the trip.

View from the view point between Flamands and Colombier

It’s worth the effort to reach this isolated gem of a beach. When you come to the crest of the hill, you will see the path that goes down, delivering you straight into hot, yellow sand. As you slowly make your way down the hill and look in both directions, you will see what I mean about the beach being so long.

Hiking to Colombier beach

The western edge of the island is Colombier beach; Jean, Flamands and Grand-Cul-de-Sac beaches are also popular and attractive beaches which have hotels and other establishments on them.

Colombier beach
Colombier Beach on St Barts

A few minutes drive east is Lorient, a sweet little village with a serene beach popular with locals and surfer dudes. Continuing east, prestigious Pointe Milou seduces with panoramic vistas and sumptuous villas, but no beach. The villas located in the exclusive, gated Domaine known as Les ‘toiles are spread across the crown of a mountain top in Colombier. The newly built seven bedroom seven and a half bathroom luxury villa, La Grande Maison des ‘toiles, is the culmination of the project.

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