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Vlore Beach, Albania

Vlore beach paragliding
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Vlore Beach is on the Adriatic Sea (that water separating Italy from the European coast) and in the country of Albania. It’s at the southern end of the country. Are you completely lost? OK, think just east of Italy’s boot – heel side. This ancient Greek colony, unique shoreline, made it a perfect and important strategic port.

Vlore Beach has some good and bad features as any beach, but remember when you’re in a city, the beach can get a little crowded and with the crowds comes the litter. The best time to visit the beaches are early in the day and during summer.

Vlore Beach, AlbaniaThe sand here is dark and powdery and generally alternates between patches of sand and rocks – small as they are – with the sand, so use care. Depending on the area there are a few restaurants and beach bars that are now becoming more popular along the shoreline.

Vlore beach paraglidingAs for the beach, as in anywhere you’re not familiar, don’t leave your belongings visible in your car and make sure you are able to communicate in some way with the locals. Above all, have fun!

Vlore Beach – Beach Index:

  • Full facilities
  • Sports available
  • Restaurants line areas of the beach
  • Sand is darker, powdery
  • Can get crowded