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Brighton Beach, England

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Sunning at Brighton Beach, East Sussex, England

Brighton Beach in East Sussex, England is a sand-free shingle beach (can you say pebbles?) and less than an hour away from London making it very similar to its namesake in New York. With seagulls swirling overhead in the sunlight, Brighton is a getaway for just about everyone. And this means it can get uber-crowded in the summertime. But don’t despair, there are many things to do and see right here seaside.

There is the Royal Pavilion which was a former royal palace built for Prince Regent in the 1800’s. And who would miss the Brighton Pier? It opened in 1899 and is just what you’d think of a pier full of entertainment and arcades. It’s a good walk out to the end and back, plus you can spend the whole day right on the pier.

Brighton Pier, Palace Pier, EnglandThere was a West Pier built even earlier, in 1866, but it was closed in the mid ’70’s and there are plans to rebuild it and an observation tower soon.

Stroll along the promenade and stop in the shops and cafes complete with seafood stalls. Fish and chips anyone? But Brighton Beach in the UK isn’t all about eating and strolling, the eastern part of the beach is a complete sports complex with beach volleyball, ultimate Frisbee and more.

Make sure you make your way up to this area if not but to people watch.

At night Brighton Beach turns into a showcase for the arts with music venues featuring popular artists. There are a few annual festival here, some quite popular like the Brighton Festival, all artwork, and Brighton Festival Fringe featuring street performers.

Shingle Beach, Brighton Beach, EnglandNearby are literally hundreds of pubs, if you’re into that sort of thing.

In short, you could have a nice family holiday here. The Brighton seafront along with the Palace Pier as some call it, make for a wonderful getaway.

Beach Index:

– Brighton Beach is a shingle beach, meaning it consists of small to medium sized pebbles.
– Not many swim here, but you could.
– Full facilities abound

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